Best Time For Safari In Tanzania

Tanzania is welcoming all-round the year and the safari parks are good for most of the year. As the east African country lies close to the equator the weather doesn’t have the characteristic four seasons but is limited to just two seasons- Dry season and Wet seasons. While the dry seasons are always good for game viewing the wet season also unleashes a different side of the safari havens. This is considered to be the Best Time for Safari in Tanzania.

All the parks on the northern circuit are good for viewing around the year, the Southern and Western circuit parks are best visited in the dry season. Start Tanzania Safari Tours with knowing the best time, season, and month to visit Tanzania.

As a thumb rule, the best time for visitation simply depends on what you want to experience.

  Most Ideal Low Season

The Best Time to Go To Tanzania

The Best Time for Safari in Tanzania can be divided into the different activities you prefer to do:

For Wildlife Lovers:

For the wildlife lovers the Best Time To Visit Serengeti is definitely the dry season. For the birdwatchers, the period between December and March is probably one of the best times of the year.

“Compared to the northern parks, the southern parks of Selous and Ruaha are slightly more seasonal in months or windows.”

For Beach Lovers:

If you are a beach lover and are wondering - When to go to Tanzania on Safari, the dry season is the best possible time. Zanzibar is quite humid compared to the national parks during the rainy seasons.

The period between December and March when the weather is fairly reliably sunny on the east coast of the island is the best time to visit these blue serene beaches.

For Hikers:

In the most common Tanzania Safari Faq's we are often asked about the best time to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. The best possible period is June to September. It is the most preferred period as the weather is usually good and less rain makes the routes less slippery and easy to climb. The scenic view during this period is simply mesmerising.

Tanzania Monthly Overviews

Take a look at our breakdown of months and make a suitable call:

January-February- The short rain period has just receded and the landscapes are nourished and overflowing with a saturation of greens. Migratory birds are in full flight and the calving season is in full swing in Southern Serengeti.

March-May- Its wet season and the rains come down in torrents. Animals disperse rendering the parks desolate and the trails of Kilimanjaro are wet and soggy. The tropical beaches of Zanzibar are also rendering inaccessible with the heavy rains and thunderstorms. Its low season in Tanzania with fewer crowds and fees are low. But the sceneries are beautiful and abound in green

June to October- This is the Best Season to Visit Tanzania. While June is the transition month the weather really opens up from July onwards as the dry season begins. The conditions are excellent with clear skies and very little humidity.

The dry conditions draw all the wildlife out of their habitats to the watering hole and lack of vegetations gives a spectacular game viewing experience.

September is the Best Month to Visit Tanzania. Kilimanjaro is primed for trekking and the beaches are inviting with the arresting natural beauty

November-December - The second wet season witnesses shorter spells of showers. Its good time for photography and bird watching as migratory birds arrive in big numbers decking up the Tanzanian horizon with precious and rare avifauna.

November to March - Are you interested in exploring marine life and underwater landscapes? Then this is the time for you.

Snorkelers and divers stand the best chance of encountering whale sharks

January to March

A dry spell between the short and long rains and the very best time to see the wildebeest migration in the Southern Serengeti.

Dry and excellent game viewing

April and May

Typically the long rains begin at the end of March and carry on steadily until the end of May when warmer drier weather returns. Parks are quiet and the wildebeest are still in the South of the Serengeti

Wet weather but excellent game viewing

June to October

Afternoon temperatures are usually around 27°C/81°F and most days have a fine, clear sky and sunny weather. As the parks dry out the animals crowd towards water sources making Tarangire Park a great choice as well as Grumeti and Ngorongoro

Hot, dry conditions

November and December

An unpredictable period of about a month of rains occurs between late October and December. The rains will be unlikely to interfere with your safari and it is rare for it to rain continuously throughout the day.

Another excellent time for game viewing

Season and Climate In Tanzania

To understand the Best Time for Safari in Tanzania we need to analyse the seasons in Tanzania.

Dry Season:

The dry season from June to September is the Best Time of Year to Go to Tanzania. The chance of spotting animals is great as the weather is quite melodious and there is no rain.

Rainy Season:

The rainy season is from Oct to March. The period from January to February when the weather in Tanzania gets a little dry around this period, with some respite from the rains is the best time to visit Tanzania. If you like less crowds this season is the best time for you.

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