With over 16 national parks covering one-third of the landmass, 126 ethnic tribes and over 120 languages to go with stunning palm-fringed beaches and abundant wildlife, the east African nation of Tanzania is a charming seductress waiting to leave you panting for more.

But the Tanzanian story is incomplete without its enigmatic ice capped wonder ‘Kilimanjaro’ that goes by the name of ‘Kilema Kyaro’- meaning ‘that which cannot be conquered’

The ‘Roof of Africa” standing at 5,985 meters (19,341 feet), is the highest point in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain on earth. Every year nearly 50,000 hopefuls arrive from around the world to script a personal history. They also get to etch their names in the small dairy that is stored atop the Uhuru peak. But the ascent is a formidable one through five distinct routes, each representing different degrees of difficulty, climate, and vegetation. But the biggest challenge that you will be faced with is braving the effects of altitude. It starts to take effects once you breach the 2400m mark. So get in shape and embrace the principles of climb high/sleep low and chirp pole-pole your way to the top

Beyond the glittering peaks of Kilimanjaro is the Ol Doinyo Lengai. Revered as the ‘Mountain of God’ the 2870 meter mountain is an active volcano. But that will be the least of your concerns. Sitting just two degrees south of the equator, it’s a steep 45 degree inclined climb with a scorching sun on your back and loose scree under your feet. Start early and approach from the west to give yourself the best chance of summiting


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