Tanzania Cultural Tours

The authentic maasai –village with museum & overnight facilities in Tanzania.we provide a unique Maasai and wildlife experience in the West-Kilimanjaro Maasailand, just 74kmfrom Mosh town and 85 from Arusha town.

Our aim is You to share the authentic Maasai life and culture in 100% traditional built village(BOMA), rather than taking tourist to private Maasai-village and destroy the Maasai native homes, behaviours and environment. Our Eco – Tourism –Tours do provide the maximum respect to the Maasai tribe and a maximum education &excitement to you,our valuable clients.

Your Maasai  Tour also suppot local Maasai families with water, food,employment,person al income, medicine treatments and education. All Museum –Tours and Walking safaris are performing by experienced  English speaking Maasai –Guides.

Massai Cultural Tour
Cultural Day trip to the Maasai–Village

You will spend your day in the autheniticMaasai – village and share the real Maasai life during your stay.Museum-Village –Tour, Traditional lunch,walking in safaris in the safari in Maasai territory, Learn Maasai hunting techniques and more about natural Maasai medicine & wildlife.

Tanzania Cultural Tours

  • The price per single person 240$
  • 2- 4 person = 170$ per person
  • 4- 8 person = 150$ per person
  • SINGE PERSON =340$
  • 2-4 Person =220$ per person
  • 4-8person =190$ per person
Massai Cultural Tour
Massai Cultural Tour