If vignettes were a country, then it would go by the name of Tanzania. The country is a thriving portrait of images in full swing, and round the year. A haven for photographers, Tanzania Safari Tours is the favourite hunting ground of assorted photographers. With so much to choose from and even more to capture in frames, you will be spoilt for choices. And the Tanzania Photographic Safari gives the best seat in the house to capture the moments for posterity.

We provide exclusive access to some of the picturesque settings in the obscure wilderness and the extremes of Tanzania’s tranquil beauty. The intensely varied landscape, replete with colours, will challenge your lens and skills to the hilt- so trust our mobile safari camps to get you that perfect picture.

Capture the sunset in Serengeti and dash of wildebeest completing the cycle of migration, indulge in some adventure photography at Mt. Kilimanjaro, immerse in photography of the highland craters and the calderas, or the frenzied activity of wildlife in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Freeze the frame on the dance of the flamingos of the many great lakes and the serene beaches of Zanzibar- the range of diversity will astound you and keep you hooked for life!

So what are you waiting for? If you love photography, then pack your lens, crop sensors, tripod, beanbag etc. For more information go through Tanzania Safari Packing List. Click on Lifetime Safaris for that perfect shot.

Photographic Safari

Many photographers who come to Tanzania for photo trips take wildlife photography as a profession but the good quality of today’s equipment makes excellent results possible to anyone.

With Tanzania Photographic safari package is the one we reserved exclusively for you and which are selected according to the seasons, climate and wildlife movement. The private mobile camp provides a safari experience away from the many travelers or crowds. We sets photographic programs in a way to give our guests a pleasant time out as long as it takes to unlimited game viewing opportunities and get off beaten track and professional safari photos, often leaving early in the morning and staying out as late as possible..

Tanzania Photographic Safari

Our safaris are made in such a way you experience amazing photographing safari, cultural exploration, and the spectacular African landscape. Stay in special campsite, public Campsites or in luxury tent with en suite facilities attached. Allow you to experience the sights and sounds of the African Bush and Wildlife and the wonders of the night sky. You will be closer to the wildlife and your Safari Team expert will ensure a great safari.