Top Travel Advice for Tanzania Safari

When travelling to the Safari destination of Africa, you must be aware of various Tanzania Safari Tips that will help you make your journey effortlessly easy. When on your Tanzania Safari Tours make sure you have a valid passport whose validity lasts for up to 6 months. There needs to be two empty pages on your passport for Visa Stamps. A Tanzanian Visa costs US$50 for the US Citizens. The cost for Tanzanian Visa for other countries is different. You can check if you belong to the visa free countries from the Tanzania Embassy website.

Travel Tips for Accommodations for Tanzania Safari

If you are wondering how to plan a Trip To Tanzania, you are at the right place. Lifetime Safari's Tanzania Safari Tips are the most accurate and help you save some bucks. Accommodation options are many in Tanzania. The best and cheapest way to stay here is through couch surfing. This is a free accommodation choice for Tanzania.

If you are an independent traveller, other options include renting a place from Airbnb in different locations like Masaki, Oyster Bay, Msasani, Mikocheni and others as these locations have more options for cafes, restaurants and are cleaner and calmer places. You can also book an accommodation with Lifetime Safaris as we provide different budget friendly and luxury accommodation options for different clients.

Getting Around in the country

For Tanzania Travel Tips UK we recommend you to hire a cab or use our personalised transfer facilities in Tanzania. For solo independent travellers getting around in the country can be done with Uber. It's the best choice for independent travellers. Uber is inexpensive and for 30-40 minutes ride costs you up to US$3.50. In Tanzania the least expensive transportation is Dalladallas. However we do not recommend these as they can be difficult navigate as the bus stations don't have any name on them and you may have to travel around. You can also take the Rapid Transit System but these don't go into the peninsular region.

Tanzanian Food Tips/Advice

For your Tanzania Travel Tips USA we recommend you to eat healthy and avoid street food in Tanzania if possible. The Tanzanian Food can be as least expensive or pricey as you wish it to be. You can have a meal for up to 2000 Tanzania Shillings if you choose to eat locally. Any expensive Tanzania Cuisines can cost up to 10,000 to 30,000 Tanzania Shillings. It's up to you what cuisines you select in your meals.

Tanzania Safari TipsFor Beginners

For Tanzania Safari Tips For Beginners it must be noted that the Tanzania Safaris can be notoriously expensive. These are the most expensive safari trips you can have in the entire African continent. The landscapes and views are unbeatable, untouched and just gorgeous! Especially in the Northern Circuit the beauty of the locations are simply priceless. Your Tanzanian Safari prices depend on the tour operators and how many people are travelling in the safari.

Quick Facts: Tanzania Safari Travel Tips

The Tanzania Safari Tours are the most amazing options for your safari vacations. We have tried to clear out various doubts raised by our clients regarding the Tanzania Safaris in our Tanzania Safari Faq's page. The following are some quick Tanzania Safari Tips for you to digest:

  • Headed to the frontier of adventure to create those life lasting memories? Then you would do well equip yourself with some handy information and vital travel tips to ensure that you get all that and much more.

  • Get your visa and passport checked and endorsed. Ensure they are valid for the duration of the tour.

  • Tanzania is accessible by flight, train, and bus. We recommend flying in as its convenient. The three international airports receive a good number of flights from abroad daily. Book your tickets in advance.

  • English is widely spoken but knowing the local language opens up a whole new perspective. Pick up a few Swahili phrases. Jambo-Hello and Habari-Good morning and Asante-Thank you is important in Tanzania and will take you places

  • The official Tanzanian currency is the Tanzanian Shilling. The US Dollar is widely used but carry cash on you, as ATMs are not widely available. Traveler's cheque is not accepted anywhere in Tanzania.

  • Get the mandatory and required vaccine shots.

  • Malaria is prevalent throughout Tanzania so to take precautionary measures to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

  • Avoid drinking tap water. Use bottled or filtered water to drink and brush. Carry water purification tablets.

  • Do not bathe in rivers or lakes water-borne diseases such as bilharzia and threat of wildlife is real.

  • Exercise modesty and discretion should be exercised in both dress and behaviour in areas away from tourist resorts to avoid offending local and religious sensitivities. Skin show in Zanzibar is frowned up.

  • Voltage in Tanzania is 230V 50Hz AC. Tanzania uses 3 pins British plug. Carry a travel adaptor /converter.

  • Pack extra batteries for your camera and headlamp. Binoculars, safari boot, mosquito repellents, sunhat, UV protection sunscreen, and sunglasses are a must.

  • Do not photograph locals without permission. Be discreet with jewellery and cash on you.

  • Cover your risks. Get a comprehensive Tanzania Travel Insurance .

The Biggest Adventure destination: Must see places in Tanzania

If you are looking forward for any major excursions like camping, hiking and adventures that are very off-road and really difficult for a tourist to do all by themselves, we recommend organised group trips with Lifetime Safaris. We will take you through the magical land of Tanzania where you can wanderlust in the lush green terrains of the country.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area:

The NgorongoroConservation Area is 160 km away from Arusha and is an exquisite place to say the least. More than 80,000 Masaai People who are a significant part of the area live in this region. The best part of this destination is the crater which is the world's largest unbroken caldera in the world.

It's basically a huge open amphitheatre. The walls are up to 600m high. The area inside the conservation is around 260 square kilometres. More than 30,000 animals and especially the Big Five are found here.

Serengeti National Park:

Serengeti National Park is the largest national park in the world. The endless plains that stretch right up to the sky are a visual treat. Serengeti is chiefly known for the annual wildebeest migration when millions of animals (zebras, gazelles) move from dry part of the country to the wetter part to find food and water. This national park was created in 1951 and is the oldest National Park of Tanzania. Best Time for Safari in Tanzania for experiencing the best of Serengeti is the dry season of July-September.

Tarangire National Park:

The TarangireNational Park is 120 km from Arusha and 160 km from the Kilimanjaro Airport. It is the 6th largest national park in Tanznaia and the 5th to open after the independence from the British. It was established in 1971 and has many Baobab trees spread across the park. In the dry season, TarangireRiver draws many animals from July to September. This period is best for wildlife viewing as many big animals migrate towards this river.

Masaai Village:

The Massai people are the indigenous tribe of the country. They wear cloth robes mostly red and blue in colour and are very important within Tanzania. When on Tanzania Safari, you can visit different Tanzanian villages which will help you understand the heritage, history and the way people live here along with various Tanzania Safari Facts . These people are very welcoming and will show you around their village, how they make fire without any combustibles, how they built their houses and much more. You can visit their schools and buy various craft work from these villages.

Create Lasting memories and Values with Lifetime Safaris

You must be really excited to visit the wild terrains of Tanzania. If you are wondering how to Book a Safari in Tanzania, you can speak personally to our travel experts and clear your queries. We take utmost care of your comfort and Tanzania Safety . You can choose from our selective organised tour packages or even book a customised and affordable tour plan for the best safari experience.

So don't hesitate and call us today to book your most awaited Tanzania Safari Tours !

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