Tanzania is a safari destination par excellence- unmatched in its diversity and offering new vistas of experience that would leave you wanting for more. Recently Tanzania voted as the best safari country in Africa.Tanzania Safari Tours is the most dynamic and popular safari destinations of all and a hot spot for those seeking an adrenaline fix. The great concentration of wildlife and staggering natural variety make Tanzania Tours And Safaris a year- round safari extravaganza. With so much mystic wrapped in her bosom, Tanzania is an allure, no wanderlust can resist.

A rookie or doe-eyed first-timer or a seasoned traveller or want to go solo? Well, guess what?  Lifetime Safari offers a range of Tanzania Safari Tours options, with a punchy experience!

Take A Look At Our Tanzania Safari Tours Designed For You:

We offer quality safari experience at affordable budgets. Our Tanzania Budget Safari packs the thrills of a wholesome tour experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

Tanzania is a place where the wild meets the exotic and has something for everybody. Tanzania Family Safari has the best ingredients to give your family an exciting sense of adventure.

If style and comfort is your signature then our Tanzania Luxury Safari guarantees the ultimate in the safari experience.

The evocative beauty of Tanzania is a photographer’s delight. Tanzania Photographic Safari is geared for the happy snapper in you.

With so much versatility on offer, Tanzania has the right mix to make your special day eventful.  Tanzania Honeymoon Safari puts the ‘unique’ into the honeymoon experience.

If volunteering is your call then you can do some short-term Tanzania Volunteer Program and do your bit in the developing world. All this, while soaking in the scenic beauty of Tanzania.

Giddy-Up! And go off the beaten track to indulge the equestrian spirit while Horse Riding Safari Tanzania through the scenic landscapes.

Prefer taking a swing and putt while on holiday? Then our Golf Safari Tanzania package is designed to give you a golfing adventure to remember!

Our customised and tried-and-tested packages have been prepared with a lot of thought to meet your unique needs and deliver an unforgettable experience.

Our customised and tried-and-tested Tanzania Safari Packages have been prepared with a lot of thought to meet your unique needs and deliver an unforgettable experience.

Tanzania Budget Safari

Budget Safari

On this 4-day camping safari you will explore the Tarangire National Park with its huge elephant herds, the diverse landscapes of Lake Manyara

Tanzania Family Safari

12 Days Family Safari

A Tanzania safari is a delight for all ages, and as such is an ideal family holiday.  The excitement of the adventure is truly shared, allowing parents

Tanzania Horse Riding Tour

Tanzania Horse Riding

Tanzania boasts such highlights as Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and the spice islands of Zanzibar

Tanzania Luxury Safari

Luxury Safari

The famous Big 5 animals consist of the lion, elephant, cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros. The name Big 5 originally came from game hunters

Tanzania Golf Safari

Tanzania Golf

The Kilimanjaro Golf & Wildlife Estate (or Kiligolf as it is more commonly known) is situated on 1,040 acres of prime African bush land

Photographic Safari

Many photographers who come to Tanzania for photo trips take wildlife photography as a profession but the good quality

Tumaini Orphanage for Africa

Tumaini for Africa was founded in 2009 by Beatrice Boniface Mollel, Baraka Mollells mother, and is now run by the family Mollel

Tanzania Tours And Safari


Whether you choose the flawless beaches of Zanzibar or the Seychelles, a once-in-a-lifetime romantic safari through Tanzania