Marangu Route Tips For Success
Marangu Route Tips For Success
  • If time and budget permit, go for at any rate a 6-day hike and maintain a strategic distance from the 5-day choice, as this will enable your body to adjust to the altitude and will enable you to prevail with regards to achieving the summit.
  • Create a ‘Kilimanjaro playlist’ to tune in to amid your hike to help break the psychological and physical fatigue you will encounter amid your hike – particularly on the summit night!
  • Relax and don’t attempt to hurry to the top.
  • Check your checklist to ensure you have the majority of the correct climbing gear, including footwear, apparel, snacks, and gear.
  • Keep in mind: water is a hiker’s best companion, and remaining hydrated could be the contrast between achieving the summit or not.