Rongai Route Tips For Success
Rongai Route Tips For Success
  • Be prepared not to shower for seven days, and make a point to pack a liberal supply of moist disposable clothes.
  • Climbing can be physically and rationally testing, however endeavor to remain positive when the adventure appears to be inconceivable.
  • Mentally prepare yourself up for altitude sickness. Indeed, even experienced hikers will experience the ill effects of certain side effects at times. Keep in mind that it influences everybody in an unexpected way.
  • If time and budget permit, intend to add an additional night to your trek to decrease the effect of altitude sickness.
  • Make sure to wear your climbing boots before your hike to maintain a strategic distance from rankles, as this could possibly prevent you from achieving the summit in case you’re not cautious.
  • Travel at your very own pace, and recall that it’s anything but a race. Above all, remember to take in the mind blowing sees.