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The African Travel Experts!

Well, we are aware that you have lots of choices in your hand and you deserve to know why you should book with us. Below is a little about our achievements that might give you the reason;

GLOBAL SAFARI COMPANY; Our enthusiasm and unrivaled knowledge and passion about the country and its natural resources make us different. It helps us stand as a well-known, one of the best safari company known globally.

A COMBINATION OF NEW & OLD; It truly makes us unique. With Lifetime Safaris you can truly enjoy all kinds of safaris. No matter you want to go for a modern style fly-in safari or authentic walking safari, we avail all.

THE BEST YET WITHIN LESS; With our constant work towards improvement and providing clients unforgettable experience we craft some of the iconic itineraries with the best price in the industry. No matter you have fewer budgets or less time, just contact Lifetime Safaris to get the best within your budget and time.

LOCAL; we are based in East Africa’s Tanzania, and Tanzania is all in our blood. We are local from the land of Tanzania. No one can show you the country better than us


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