Are you planning your next trip to one of the most iconic tourist destinations in Tanzania? Do you know a yellow fever vaccination card is the most required document to enter the country? Tanzania is one of the popular tourist destinations in worldwide due to its breathtaking vistas, untamed wildlife in its magical national parks, the conical rustic volcano peaks, and tranquil beaches. Being a hot tourist spot the country has some mandatory guidelines to follow before entering like a valid visa, passport and Tanzania Vaccinations like yellow fever card. No matter you are traveling for Tanzania Safari Tours or for hiking tours yellow fever vaccination is mandatory for every traveler.

What Is Yellow Fever And How It Affects?

Yellow fever is a deadly flu-like disease that leads to high fever including cell death in the liver and kidneys.  Once the cells die in the lever the lever damage leads to jaundice where the skin colour turns to yellow colour. Jaundice doesn’t only affect the skin, it also turns eyes and nails yellow too.  The yellow fever virus is transmitted by mosquito bite, when a mosquito bites an infected monkey or human they get the virus and can transfer to others biting them. The main breed of misquoting that transfers this dangerous virus mostly born and grow in tropical rainforests, humid, and semi-humid environments, as well as around bodies of still water.
Yellow Fever

Symptoms of Yellow fever

Yellow fever affects and grows very quickly and the body shows symptoms 3 to 6 days between the infection attacks.

Initial symptoms: –

  • 1.Headaches
  • 2.Muscle aches
  • 3.Joint aches
  • 4.Chills
  • 5.Fever

Acute Symptoms: –

  • 1.Headaches
  • 2.Muscle aches
  • 3.Joint aches
  • 4.Fever
  • 5.Flushing
  • 6.Loss of appetite
  • 7.Shivers
  • 8.Backaches

If after the acute stage the fever doesn’t get cured then the symptoms can be more serious like:

  • 1. Decreased urination
  • 2. Abdominal pain
  • 3. Vomiting (sometimes with blood)
  • 4. Heart rhythm problems
  • 5. Seizures
  • 6. Delirium
  • 7. Bleeding from the nose, mouth, and eyes

Treatment And Prevention Of Yellow Fever

Once you will visit to doctor the doctor will ask for a blood test once the test confirmed the yellow fever virus, the treatment will start to manage the virus and symptoms through the following steps;
  • Getting enough fluids, possibly through your veins
  • Getting oxygen
  • Maintaining a healthy blood pressure
  • Getting blood transfusions
  • Having dialysis if you experience kidney failure
  • Getting treatment for other infections that may develop
Preventions The Centres for Disease Control (CDC) suggest anyone between the age of 9 months to 59 years old traveling to any region or staying in any region where there is a chance of getting affected by yellow fever risk presented the vaccination is needed. The yellow fever vaccination will boost your immunity and weaken the virus of the Yellow fever virus.

Do I Require Yellow Fever Vaccination To Enter Tanzania?

Tanzania is a mosquito prone area and diseases like yellow fever and malaria that are transmitted by mosquitoes. When traveling to any country few mandatory vaccines should be taken by the travelers and yellow fever is the one for Tanzania. As the country has a high risk of mosquitoes the govt. of Tanzania has made the yellow fever vaccination mandatory for the travelers. It’s highly advisable to go to your physician before entering Tanzania and take a yellow fever vaccination. Don’t forget to pack the card that you will receive after taking the vaccination along with your traveling documents which you will require to show at the airport.

What Are The Yellow Fever Risk Countries (According To Tanzania Government)?

According to Tanzania Govt. the following countries citizens who are above 1-year-old need a valid yellow fever certificate:
  • 01.Angola
  • 02.Argentina
  • 03.Benin
  • 04.Bolivia
  • 05.Brazil
  • 06.Burkina Faso
  • 07.Burundi
  • 08.Cameron
  • 09.The central African Republic
  • 10.Chad
  • 11.Colombia
  • 12.Congo
  • 13.Cote d'Ivoire
  • 14.The Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • 15.Ecuador
  • 16.Equatorial Guinea
  • 17.Guyana
  • 18.Kenya
  • 19.Liberia
  • 20.Mali
  • 21.Mauritania
  • 22.Niger
  • 23.Nigeria
  • 24.Panama
  • 25.Paraguay
  • 26.Peru
  • 27.Rwanda
  • 28.Senegal
  • 29.Sierra Leone
  • 30.Sudan
  • 31.South Sudan
  • 32.Suriname
  • 33.Togo
  • 34.Trinidad
  • 35.Uganda
  • 36.Venezuela

What Happens When I Don’t Have A Valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, When Enter Tanzania?

A yellow fever vaccination has been made mandatory by the govt. of Tanzania for the travelers who are flying from overseas to Tanzania. If any travelers don’t have the yellow fever vaccination card to show you may get deported back to the Embassy.

Where Can I Get The Yellow Fever Vaccinations Certificate?

The Yellow fever vaccination certificate is mandatory for the travelers coming for Tanzania Safari Tours and Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing. The certificate can be obtained from the residence country of the travelers. Check for the licensed clinics and centers that are providing Yellow fever vaccination. After taking the vaccination the certificate is issued by the same clinic. Yellow fever vaccination is the most essential part of Tanzania Vaccinationand apart from this, few other vaccinations may be needed like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rabies, etc. If planning for Tanzania Safari Tours, take a visit at and stay updated with Tanzania Safari Health Tips as well as with other traveling tips to this amazing country that will make your travel hassle-free.