Tanzania Safari Prices

Tanzania Safari Prices: 8 Factors That Clearly Impact On Your Budget

Tanzania Safari is on top of the Wildlife watch list in every African traveler. The major attractions are Serengeti and Kilimanjaro, which are the wonder of Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest fr…

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Which Airport for Tanzania Safari

Which Airport for Tanzania Safari and How to book it?

When anyone has a desire to go for a vacation, with family, friends, for a honeymoon, or for trekking, mind shows you the beautiful pictures of Tanzania wildlife and Nature. Then after some time, you …

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Cheetah vs. Leopard Race

Cheetah vs leopard Race: Who is the More Successful Hunter Among them?

When you heard about the cheetah and leopard, as they look similar, the first question that arises in your mind is Cheetah vs. Leopard Race. Though the cheetah is the fastest runner in the world, str…

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Similarities between cheetah and Leopard

What Similarities that You Can Find Between Cheetah and Leopard?

Despite having many differences between cheetah and leopard, there are also some similarities between cheetah and leopard. Before going to see the cat family in Tanzania, you should know about some ma…

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African Small Five Facts

Expand Your Knowledge from African Big Five to Small Five with Amazing Facts.

“African big five” are the special attraction in Tanzania, for their aggressiveness, structure, and behaviour, but we should not avoid the African Small Five because they also have some special ph…

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