Tanzania Family Safari


Tanzania Family Safari is truly the finest gifts that you can present your family

A Tanzania Family Safari can give you a feel of completeness. Your kids have met these iconic animals on National geographic, animal planet, or textbooks. Now take the opportunity of introducing them with the wilderness and nature face to face on your Tanzania Safari Tours.

Watch their eyes light up in surprise and excitement as they witness these animals in their natural habitat playing daily life roles. The chase of predators and prey can be stunning and truly surprising for them besides the grazing herds of giraffes, zebras, and other herbivores.

If you are in doubt that if a safari is safe for your kids or not then be relax. With Lifetime Safaris you will have the perfect trip for your family with a 110% safety guarantee. Your kids will be completely safe during safari as well we will get you accommodations that will be great for your kids with special activities for them on the Best Tanzania Family Safari that we offer.

What to expect on a Tanzania Family Safari?

In the Tanzania Family Safari your kids will not only get introduced to the animals in real life they will also learn their role in managing and conserving nature and its biodiversity. They learn a lot about themselves, creating friendship and trust, survival rules of life, and cultural value.

There are many Tanzania Family Safari Packages that we offer which are very popular amongst our clients. In the company of your family, you will explore the rich diversity of resident wildlife complete with game viewing opportunities in the course of the 12 Days Family Safari on your Tanzania Safari Tours. This trip will enrich your memories always with the spectacular natural scenery of the iconic Tanzania National Parks.Not only this, you will get to discover many spellbinding lakes with an iconic combination of its flora and fauna. Wake up early for a stroll in the nature set to the rejuvenating calm of the morning sun, amidst nature. You can read our Tanzania Family Safari Reviews to get a deeper understanding of what we offer in our travel packages customised just for you.

Travel with Lifetime Safaris for an unforgettable safari experience

Broaden your days visiting some of the historic and heritage sites of the world of Tanzania. Let your children learn about some history and authenticity of life with nature on your Tanzania Family Holidays. Spend some peaceful time with the family playing some beachside activity, on the pearly white sands and azure-colored beaches of the Spice Island of Zanzibar.

It's essential to have a Tanzania Travel Insurance before travelling to this amazing country to have a safe journey. You must start applying for your Tanzania Visa early on in case you do not belong to the countries which have permission of visa free entry to Tanzania for their citizens. Also, make your Tanzania Family Safari more effective with the Tanzania Safari Tips to Know before You Go and What to Take on a Tanzania Safari and create your safari holiday superbly! In case of any queries you can contact our travel experts and speak to them directly or visit our Tanzania Safari Faq's page for more details.

For an ultimate Tanzania, Family Safari and real-life experience for your kids get in touch with Lifetime Safaris.


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Are you a rookie or doe-eyed first-timer or a seasoned traveller or want to go solo? Well, guess what? Lifetime Safari offers a range of Tanzania Safari Tours options, with a punchy experience! Tanzania is a safari destination par excellence - unmatched in its diversity and offering new vistas of experience that would leave you wanting for more.

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Lifetime Safaris is not only about organizing your Tanzania Safari Tours, we also aim to be a positive force in the development of our local society here in Tanzania! Sustainable traveling and tourism is one of the guidelines for Lifetime Safaris. All our arrangement is put together with the concern of the local environment and with a respect for the wildlife and the people living around the areas that we visit.



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