Tanzania Safari Tipping Guidelines

To avoid awkward encounters while tipping your Tanzania Tour guide, or other staff like chef, we have presented the most articulately designed Tanzania Safari Tipping guidelines to make your life easier. In your Tanzania Safari Tours you will be served by many dedicated safari staff who tirelessly work towards making your safari trip comfortable and safe. Tipping these hard-working staff is a small gesture of gratitude that is appreciated.

Who to tip and when on a Tanzania safari

You may be wondering whom to tip in Tanzania Safari? We are here to clear your queries in our following Tanzania Safari Tipping Guidelines:

  • Safari Guides: A successful safari depends on a right knowledgeable Tanzania Safari Guide who will provide you with the insights about the different national parks and its inhabitants. Therefore Tipping Safari Guide Tanzania is customary at the end of the day as they make your trip exciting and successful.

  • Tip the hardworking Team: There are many people diligently working behind the scenes to ensure a successful and memorable trip with their devoted services. You can consider for example: Tipping Safari DriversTanzania at the end of your day. Tipping this team of enthusiastic staff is a gift of gratitude that will support them financially and lift their spirits.

Dos and Don’ts of Tanzania Safari Tipping

Here are some Tanzania Safari Tipping Dos and Don'ts:

  • Do tip after each activity

  • Do tip at the end of each day

  • Do tip at the end of your stay

  • Don't be too generous with your tips

  • Don't tip a stranger without asking your guide about it.

  • Don't tip when are being demanded to tip

The Awkward part: How to Tip?

Most restaurants and lodges have a tip box installed in their lobby where you can drop your tip. However giving the tip in-hand to the staff is a better choice. The tipping is done in Tanzanian Shillings. Another Tanzania Tipping Guide is that - It's better to tip at the end of the day instead of each activity.

Wondering how much to tip?

We are most often asked - How Much Do You Tip in Tanzania? There is no set amount on how much to tip a guide or a staff on your Tanzania Safari Tours . However you can follow a standard price of tipping to different staff as mentioned below:

  • US$15-20 per guest per day for a private guide

  • US$5-10 per guest per day for a safari chef

  • US$8-10 per guest per day for a group guide

  • US$1-2 per guest per day for the general staff

  • US$3-5 per city transfer

What if I don’t want to Tip?

It's completely up to the traveller if they wish to tip the staff. It's not compulsory to tip anyone. Tanzania Safari Tipping is a generous gesture. If you were not happy with the services then you can skip tipping them. Moreover if you wish to buy them a meal or give them a treat it is even wonderful!

Choose the Right Guidance for the best Safari Experience

It's completely up to the traveller if they wish to tip the staff. It's not compulsory to tip anyone. Tanzania Safari Tipping is a generous gesture. If you were not happy with the services then you can skip tipping them. Moreover if you wish to buy them a meal or give them a treat it is even wonderful!

Choose the Right Guidance for the best Safari Experience

In foreign land where everything is uncertain, the right guidance from the right tour operator will go long way to make Tanzania safari a successful trip. Our Guides will provide you with many Tanzania Safari Tips that will help you save more and enjoy even more on your safari. Our knowledgeable tour guides will also provide you with the most unfamiliar Tanzania Safari Facts that will intrigue you all the more.

Choose Lifetime Safaris for your next safari tour to Tanzania as we not only organise the best Tanzanian Safaris but also aim to be a positive force in the development of our local society here in Tanzania! At Lifetime Safaris we believe in Sustainable travelling and tourism. If you want the best of Tanzania Safari Experience call us now to book your Tanzania travel packages today!

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Lifetime Safaris Guide

Lifetime Safaris is not only about organizing your Tanzania Safari Tours, we also aim to be a positive force in the development of our local society here in Tanzania! Sustainable traveling and tourism is one of the guidelines for Lifetime Safaris. All our arrangement is put together with the concern of the local environment and with a respect for the wildlife and the people living around the areas that we visit.


Tanzania Safari Frequently Asked questions

Lifetime Safaris Practical Guide To Planning A Trip To Tanzania

  • 1
    Can I make my own itinerary?

    Yes! You can definitely plan your own personalised travel itinerary with Lifetime Safaris. We provide private Tanzania Safari Tours which are customised according to your needs. For planning a perfect Tanzania Safari itinerary, you can speak to our Travel experts who will guide you about the destinations of your choice. We also take utmost care of the safety, hygiene of our clients. The Food will be of your choice requested as per your recommendations during the time of safari bookings.

  • 2
    Can I take my children on safari?

    Yes you can surely bring your children on Safari. But you must be aware of the minimum age restrictions at various national parks and lodges which is about 4 and 12 years of age. As all safari activities are not open to children, you must check with our travel exerts regarding the age criteria at the different destinations planned in your itinerary.

  • 3
    Will I stay in tents or lodges?

    Whether you stay at tents or lodges depends on the type of packages you have purchased like luxury safaris, budget safaris or a standard Tanzania Safari where we will bring our own tents, camping, a cook to prepare your meals, food and other cooking equipments.

    You can choose to upgrade your accommodation, to enjoy a more comfortable and luxurious experience as well.

  • 4
    What size are your safari groups?

    In a safari group in Tanzania we take anywhere around 4-6 people in our vehicle depending on the type of safari you have chosen. In group tours six people are taken at max. While for a private tour less than three guests will accompany in the safari vehicle.

  • 5
    What Kind of vehicles do you use?

    The safari vehicle provided by Lifetime Safari is a 4×4 safari vehicle. Mostly we accommodate around six guests in throw rows of seating in our closed safari vehicles which has a pop-top roof hatch that will allow you to view wildlife Form a height. These safari vehicles can also be minibuses or 4X4 Land Cruisers or 4X4 Land Rovers.

  • 6
    I am interested in a Tanzania safari… What is my next step?

    It's a great choice to choose Tanzania safari as your next travel or vacation destination. As you have already made up your mind for visiting this spectacular country, we suggest you to call our Lifetime Safaris travel experts to inquire about and book a suggested itinerary of your choice. You can accompany us in our group safari trips or even plan a personalised private Tanzania safari which offers flexible dates, location and safari durations. After selecting your package or travel itinerary you can proceed with booking the safari.

  • 7
    Will I have a chance to interact with local people of Tanzania?

    Tanzania for many years has been a home to thousands of native tribes and people of different origins, and culture. Tanzania is the home of 120 African ethnic groups and more than 26 million people live in this East African country. You will be amazed to encounter and closely interact with the Maasai people of Tanzania who will show you how to light a fire without any combustibles. Other lesser-known tribes like the Datoga and Chaga and their rich cultural tapestry can be explored in your Tanzania walking or cultural tours

  • 8
    What additional costs can I expect when traveling in Tanzania?

    In your Tanzania Safari Cost the following expenses are not included in your safari package:

    • Airport departure taxes

    • Travel Insurance

    • Excess baggage fees

    • International Flight Travel expenses

    • Tanzania Visa or passport costs

    • Medical expenses, meals or activities included in the safari package (up gradation of stay or additional activities included after travel bookings)

    • Tips to drivers/guides/tour leaders

  • 9
    How far in advance should I book my safari?

    It is advisable to book your international flight tickets at least three months in advance if you do not wish to face problems getting seats on British Airways or KLM. If you are planning your trip in the peak season, it is advisable to book your safari to Tanzania at least nine months before.

  • 10
    Can I use a credit card to pay?

    Yes you can use credit cards to pay your bills however these are only accepted in big hotels or restaurants. However in other local markets only Tanzanian Shillings are accepted. There are ATM machines in Arusha, Dar and Zanzibar where you can get local currency with your Visa or MasterCard.

  • 11
    Should I bring some cash with me?

    Yes you can bring cash around in either Tanzania Shilling (TSh) or American dollars as cheques and cash are acceptable in many places here around town.

  • 12
    What will my means of transport be?

    Uber is the least expensive means of road transportation in the Tanzanian town as for 30-40 min ride they charge a minimum of $3.50. There is affordable public bus transportation in Tanzania called Dallas-Dallas, which can be difficult to navigate in town, as the bus stations don't have any name on it and you will have to ask around for directions. To go around the towns you can take the Rapid Transit System as well but these do not go into the peninsular areas.

  • 13
    What about Tanzania Safari Tips?

    Tanzania Safari Tipping is not compulsory but customary. Lifetime Safaris recommends you to tip moderately depending on the level of satisfaction you have received from the services.

    • Safari guide(s) US $10 per day;

    • Cook US $7,

    • Camp staff US $3 $5 per day.

  • 14
    Do I need a visa to enter Tanzania?

    To enter this marvellous country of diverse wildlife and unique culture, some countries like USA, Australia, UK, require a Tanzania Visa which cost around $50 US cash for non US citizens and $100 for US citizens. You can obtain this visa on arrival at the airport as well.

  • 15
    What Are The Entry Requirements?

    The various documents needed to enter Tanzania are listed below in the Tanzania Travel Requirements :

    • Passport valid for at least 6 months

    • Two Blank Passport pages

    • A Tourist Travel Visa for entry

    • Yellow fever vaccinations are required if travelling from a yellow fever endemic country. You can consult your physician for any other vaccine requirements.

    • Can I get a visa upon arrival?

  • 16
    Can I get a visa upon arrival?

    Yes you can purchase a Tanzanian Visa on arrival at the Airport upon entry by paying $50 after some document verifications (which is a 30 min procedure only). American citizens need to pay 100 US$, and get only a multiple entry Visa (since September 2007).

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