Experience a Giant Cultural Melting Pot at the East African Coast - Zanzibar

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A place where the enthralling scenery of the beaches takes away all the stress, the blue environment with bluish sky and water gives pleasure to your eyes. Feel the enjoyment of resting on the white sandy beach and meet with 100 of aquatic life in the great Indian Ocean with a single dive. This place is none other than the wonderland of Africa the Zanzibar Island. This is the place where fun changes into fantasy, excitement changes to eagerness and destination change into love.

Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Not only a matter of fun because Zanzibar is having many more surprises and knowledge hidden in its heart which can be explored only during the cool Zanzibar Holidays. Here you will also learn the culture and tradition of diverse tribes of Africa as well as you can meet with the various people from the globe and get the rich wisdom of humanity. You will be taken to some villages of the local tribes of Zanzibar to know more about the place during Tanzania Safari Tours. Some of the best things to observe are the stone town, the slave caves, and the Nungwi Village.

Here are some of the best things to be observed during the Zanzibar Tours:

1. World’s Most Beautiful Islands

World’s Most Beautiful Islands

Visit the world’s most beautiful island the Zanzibar Island which is a combination of several beaches with diverse in their uniqueness. Here you can spot one of the cutest primates the Red Columbus Monkey as well as it is also the home to the oldest humans of the earth the Homo sapiens. View the ancient town where you will explore the past, as well as test your taste buds with the visit of the spice tour.

You can find beauty everywhere during Zanzibar Holiday Tours because here you can enjoy the vast scenery of the beach with water and sky and discover some new species by diving into the deep of the ocean.

2. Most Beautiful Cultural Sites

Most Beautiful Cultural Sites

Are you a religious person and seeking for a cultural site? If yes, then Zanzibar is your perfect destination because here you can visit some of the ancient churches of the world. Here you can feel the holy spirit of Jesus waving out all your problems, so, you can feel the spiritual power. Some places like the cathedral Christ church of Stone Town and the slave cave are the most visited cultural sites of Zanzibar. There is some other place too that you can visit during Zanzibar Tours.

3. The History Is Awe-Inspiring

The History Is Awe-Inspiring

In ancient history, Zanzibar was the 1st place on earth where the Homo sapiens stepped for the first time. It is also the home to many primates and wildlife since an era. In history Zanzibar was itself is a country but currently, it is a part of Tanzania so you can visit Zanzibar during Tanzania And Zanzibar Beach Holidays. If you watch Zanzibar properly then you can know that it is a combination of seven islands together in a single place.

4. Stone Town Tour

Stone Town Tour

Stone Town is one of the popular Zanzibar Attraction where you can get a glimpse of many things and this destination cannot be finished in a single day. Some of the popular areas are Forodhani Market which is also called the food market, the art gallery in old fort, the Zanzibar sultan museum, and the old dispensary. This stone town is the best historical place of Zanzibar Island where you can learn about the past culture and tradition of Africa as well as here you can get the taste of the various mouth-watering foods.

5. The Slave Caves Tour

The Slave Caves Tour

The Slave cave was built in the 18th century to keep the slaves before selling them in the market. This cave is long and deep as well as here you can spot the old wrist chains to tie up the slave so that the slave will not run away. Here they use to keep 100’s of slaves together so you can imagine its area. The place is surrounded by jungles and trees which make beautiful scenery before your eye during Zanzibar Slave Cave Tours. People from various countries come here to purchase a slave in history.

6. Nungwi Village Tour

Nungwi Village Tour

Nungwi Village is one of the oldest villages of Zanzibar and here you can meet with some of the ancient tribes. This place is popular because of its amazing beach which also the cheaper beach of Zanzibar so if you want to have a cheap Zanzibar beach tour than this can be the best location for you. Nungwi is also known for building special boats called dhow and you can have tourism on it while having Zanzibar Beach Holidays. Here you can also do fishing as this village is having a beautiful part of the beach for fishing, but it depends on you that you will keep the fish or leave them.

7. Local Food & Cuisines

Local Food & Cuisines

Ignoring the Zanzibar’s cuisine is impossible because these magnificent dishes are not only delicious but also healthier for health. Here you can also have the experience of tasting the food of various countries. One of the popular local cuisines of Zanzibar is Octopus curry and fried cassava this will bring water in your mouth. There are many other foods available in this country and every food differs in taste so you should try some of them.

These are the itineraries that you can try in Tanzania Tours And Safari so that you can enjoy the Zanzibar destination. Zanzibar is the best destination where you can get the taste of food along with culture and religion. Here you can visit the spice island where you can purchase some spices to take home the best thing about this island is you will first taste the spices and then only can take.

We Lifetime Safaris are having the best experience of Zanzibar for a long time as we are the locals of this place. We can also help you to make your Zanzibar Tours yummy. If you want to book your trip with us then you can check our website at lifetimesafaristz.com.

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