Meet Africa's Famous Big Five Animals In Their Natural Habitat Whilst On Tanzania Safari Tours

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Are you planning for your safari tours? If yes, then where are you planning to go? Most probably to Africa because most & best of the exotic safari parks in the world are in different parts of Africa & some of them are in Tanzania and they are exceptionally beautiful as well as amazing.

The panoramic views of the animals living inside these open parks will be just mind-blowing, especially when they are captured in your DSLR cameras and video recorders. All those visitors who are on their Tanzania Safari Tours for the very first time will remember their encounters with different species of wild animals so openly.​


Tanzania Safari Tours


Hence, let’s have a detailed description of the African big five animals, are as follows:-


Why ‘Big Five’ and Who They Are


When it comes to nature, it has its own way of structuring the animal kingdom from top to bottom and the African big five are the ones that emerge right on the top of the food chain. These are the deadliest & the most dangerous animals in the whole of Africa & they are definitely the ones you must be looking out for when you visit for your Tanzania Safari Holidays. Thus, the African big five includes African Lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo & the Rhinoceros.




You can say thanks to the conservation efforts taken by the locals and the African as well as the Tanzanian government to improve the situation of all the members of the big five. Their efforts are working and the situation is improving for these animals. Slowly & steadily, their numbers are increasing as well as their chance of survival. By the way, there are many places in the country where wild-safari seekers & visitors can watch these animals in their natural habitats.


The Animals






  • You can call these lions as the apex predators & their daily lives are quite fascinating for animal lovers. Thus, these African lions are socializing animals and they live together in a pride caring and looking for each other and you are going to see that throughout the Tanzania Safari Tours.


  • Each pride of lion consists of three male lions, six to twelve female lionesses & their cute & lovely lion cubs. Normally, the lionesses are the ones that go hunting & feed the cubs in the pride. Now when it comes to male lions they have a much bigger responsibility to carry out such as occupying & marking the territory of their own.


  • You can explore these majestic lions in Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara National Park & Ruaha national park & the best time to see them is during the months of February, March & June.






  • The African Buffalo or the Cape Buffalos are one of the most exceptional creatures on the planet. For most of the viewers, they might look bovine and timid, but please don’t get fooled by their looks. It is the most dangerous animal to hunt in the continent.


  • These buffaloes are incredibly strong & are very ferocious when they are provoked. They are capable of giving very rough treatment to their enemies.


  • Thus, you can find them grazing grass in safari parks like Serengeti National Park & the Ngorongoro Crater & the best months to watch them is during the months of February, March, June & November.






  • While on your Tanzania Tours And Safaris visitors will be quite thrilled watching elephants in almost every park of Tanzania because they are the largest land animals on the planet.


  • They are far larger than their Asian counterparts & have distinctively larger ears that set them apart. You can see them mostly roaming in big & large herds such as Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National park & the Ruaha National Park.


  • You can mostly find them in the months of February, March, June & November even after the national parks are open for most of the year.






  • When it comes to Rhinos, they have their own identity and most of the people can witness their two types such as the white & black rhino. Interestingly, both these types have a grey texture on their bodies.


  • The difference that sets them apart is none other than their shape of the lips. The sizes of these beautiful creatures of nature are just enormous & lonely.


  • You can mostly trace them in parks like Serengeti & the Ngorongoro Crater and the best period to watch those starts from the months of February, March, June & November.






  • Last, but not the least, the African leopard is the last thing to be ticked out on your list. As it is an elusive creature in the land of Tanzania, every tourist has to speed up his or her efforts in locating this mind-numbing creature.


  • They are known for using their stealth, speed & intelligence. They are best seen during the pleasant months of February to March & June till November.


  • They are spotted mostly in Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater & Ruaha National Park during your Tanzania Safaris.


These African big five animals are one of the biggest attractions for people coming for their Tanzania Safari Tours thus visiting the Tanzania safari parks will take you to a world where the reign of these animals starts & humans come to an end. Thus, if you are interested then book for this tour & visit us at for more information.

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