What Do You Want To Experience On Tanzania Safari In 2021 - 22?

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Congratulation! You’ve decided to take go on a Tanzania safari. But now you’re wondering about what do you want to experience on Tanzania Safari? So, here you’re investing your spare time to gather as much information as you can know about Tanzania Safari Tours.

When we think of a Tanzania Safari we think of the big 5, the great wildebeest migration, paradise for bird watching, powdery white beaches of Zanzibar, and so much more. There is a reason Safari Tanzania is considered to be the best game viewing experience.

With so many exciting prospects on the table, with such a steep itinerary at hand, you might start to wonder what to choose what shall you look forward to? Don’t worry you have come to the right page. In this blog post, we shall try to discuss what you want to experience on Tanzania Safari in 2021-22.

What Do You Want To Experience In Tanzania Safari?


A visit to Tanzania entrails so many unique yet equally exciting prospects. You might decide on the Mount Kilimanjaro trek, or visit the gorillas in Rwanda. You can’t say no to the great wildebeest migration or taste your way through as many of the Capes’ amazing wineries as possible. We understand that all these choices can be a little overwhelming.

But among all that the biggest attraction is undoubtedly the wildlife safari view in Tanzania.

How to Plan The Perfect Tanzania Safari

What Kind Of Game Viewing Experience Do You Have In Mind?


Firstly, you need to plan your time. Consider your interests carefully. How much of your time do you want to dedicate to viewing wildlife? Can you quickly tick off the “Big 5” (lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, and leopard) from your bucket list or are you looking forward to enjoying as many different ecosystems and species as possible? The key is to find the correct balance that suits your interest in wildlife along with experiences such as scenery, culture, and adventure.

The Big Choice Between Wildernesses Versus Civilization?


There is something magical about being in the vast wilderness. The lure of witnessing diverse wildlife in their natural habitat is impeccable. Safaris Tanzania will take you to areas that are not heavily impacted by man, at the same time with the comforts of home. However, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. As it might be difficult if you’re not comfortable being in a remote area away from email and the internet.

What Do You Want To Include In Your Safari Tanzania?


Tanzania Safari Destinations offer various activities. Such as 3 – 8 day walking, canoeing, or cycling experiences if you’re up for it. But the prime focus is on game drives in an open vehicle. Apart from that, your Tanzania Safari Guide might be open to short bushwalks on request.

We at Lifetime Safaris also offer gym facilities. Beach options of Zanzibar are a great way to conclude your Tanzania Safari Experience.

Discuss With Your Tanzania Travel Guide About Your Special Interest?


Tanzania Safari Tours offers a little extra for everyone. Whether you’re into photography or a bird lover- ornithology, anthropologist, or geologist? Tanzania Travel will satisfy your every wish. Just mention your interests to your Tanzania Travel Guide while booking your tour. Because some places are better suited than others.

Lifetime Safaris offers outstanding Tanzania Photographic Safaris with professional, specialist guides, and private vehicles. Our privately guided tours will further enhance your safari.

How Do You Want To Travel During Your Tanzania Holidays?

Basically, there are two options to take into account:

Accommodation Options In Tanzania Safari


A Tanzania Safari camps offer a spectacular array of tents ranging from the basic dome to the 5-star luxurious suit. You can easily find en-suite facilities from eco-toilets and hot bucket showers to lavish bathrooms. If you’re traveling with family, then look for child-friendly properties and activities. If you’re on your Tanzania Honeymoon Safari then go for secluded romantic accommodation.

Independent Or Escorted; What’s Your Preference For Safari Tanzania?


Tanzania Safari Tours can be a bit overwhelming if you’re choosing to travel independently. So we recommend a fully escorted safari, with a maximum of 10 guests. Your Tanzania Travel Guide will be traveling with you. Moreover, he/she will take care of all the details such as border crossings, flights, transfers, and luggage.

Escorted safaris are known to be great fun. Plus you will get beautiful insights from your Tanzania Safari Guide. You never know, the addition of someone who knows Tanzania through and through can be very reassuring and surprisingly cost-effective.

Lifetime Safaris offers tailor-made Tanzania Safari Packages for independent travelers. We will take care of every detail and will meet you at every airport. Even though you’d be traveling on your own, but you will always have the cushion of a local support network by you in case you need it.

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