Why Should The Northern Tanzania National Parks Be On Your Bucket List?

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The world is a surprise box of adventure which increases curiosity with revealing of the secrets. 100’s of countries on 7 continents itself is a wonder and traveling through these countries will bring make you a wanderlust. Tanzania is one of the best places on earth where you can visit the wildlife lively without any barriers but the countries beauty is divided into two parts Northern Tanzania and southern, as well as both the parts, are having some marvelous wonders.

Tanzania Safari Tours

The great wildebeest migration in which millions of animals take part and this is the only rally that covers Tanzania wholly. They start from the southern part of Serengeti National Park and riches to the northern part at the end of the year. The Northern Tanzania National Parks are the best part of Tourist attraction and every year thousands of travelers visit this place to see its magic. You can also take part in this marvelous adventure by planning Tanzania Safaris Tours. Various wild animals seem to be cool inside the zoo but you can see their real color when they will meet you in their habitat.

These are 8 best things that you can encounter in Northern Tanzania National Parks:

1. You Will Always Find Action

Tanzania National Parks

“Action Speaks Louder Than Words” This proverb perfectly fits with the East African country Tanzania’s northern part because here you can encounter everyone in action. Are you thinking that action means hue and cry? If yes, then you are thinking a bit incorrect because this action is between the wildlife to balance nature, to fight for surviving, to prove their existence, and to teach some lessons to the world. These animals are also Categories in some special groups like endangered 4, Big 5, small 6. Northern Tanzania National Parks are the best part where you can see these animals in action.

2. Diversity Throughout Game Drives

Tanzania Game Drive Safari

Do you know? Game drives are one of the best activities to witness the wildest animals in action because here you will drive your car from deeper to the deepest part of the jungle. The jungle is the natural habitat of the animal where the predator king Lion is the ruler of than it. With every step, you continue Tanzania Tours And Safaris you will find some animals or birds, turn round and round you will find yourself between the animals. Here you can watch the big elephants moving with their babies, lion teaching its cub how to hunt and defend.

3. A Holistic Wildlife Experience

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

There are 15 to 16 national parks and few conservation areas covering the land of Tanzania and the holistic land of Tanzania is having vast wildlife. You can experience the best part of Tanzania Safari Tours with the view of some massive and aggressive wonders of the worlds where you can make the night stories of your children into reality. You can watch the great wildebeest migration in the Serengeti National Park, as well as see the jungle king climbing on the tree in Lake Manyara National Park. You can see the endangered leopard, black rhino and the African wild dog inside the huge inactive volcano of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

4. Appeasing To Everyone

Tanzania Tours And Safaris

The best thing about Tanzania Tours And Safaris which is loved by most of the visitors is its family tour that includes the child as well as the elders. This is the best place to view the vast wildlife with a different level of comfort provided to everyone. It is having some boundaries which are to be maintained to remain safe between the wildernesses of the jungle. Moreover, you can have the various activities to enjoy this adventurous journey these activities are the air-balloon safari, the canoeing safari, the walking safari, and the night game view in Northern Tanzania National Parks.

5. Safari Of A Lifetime

Tanzania Safari Tours

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression.” This proverb is best suitable for Tanzania Safari Tours as it always gives its best in every visit and every single time you visit you can see some uniqueness in its environment. The first impression lasts long as you will witness a different part of the world where animals are living in numerous quantity and humans are living in ancient times till now. These amazing things can make your safari experience to an unforgettable lifetime memory.

6. An Ideal Itinerary

Tanzania Safari Packages

Tanzania’s Northern Land is having various places with different itinerary and you will be amazed to see every corner of it. The greatest peak of Africa Mount Kilimanjaro is located in the northern part and it is having 7 routes to go on its top. Leaving popular parks like Serengeti and Ngorongoro some other parks can be visited like Arusha National Park and Mikumi National Park. Arusha is a famous place to encounter the elephant and giraffe and you can encounter the volcanic mountain mount Meru over here.

7. The Best Places to Stay Around

Tanzania Safari Accommodation

Usually, there are many places where you can stay during the Tanzania Tours and Safaris but like every place, this country also has some wonderful places where you will love to stay. The hotels and lodges near the Tarangire National Park and inside the Serengeti National Park are the scenic places to live. Your comfort is according to your needs as these places are having simple to luxurious hotels. There are also some camping sites where you can enjoy night camping with your family inside the jungle.

8. Things You Get To See

Tanzania National Parks

There is a large list of things to see in Northern Tanzania National Parks and that cannot be described wholly here but some of the best among them which can give you incredible experience are mentioned here. The sunset view at Serengeti National Park, a massive herd of elephants in Tarangire National Park, tree-climbing lions and pink Flamingoes in Lake Manyara National Park, endangered black rhino in Ngorongoro conservation area and many more can be seen during your Tanzania Safari Tours.

Don’t you believe that these things can make your Tanzania Safari Tours more interesting and colorful? If yes, then you shouldn’t wait for the others. Open your browser and plan your summers at Tanzania because it is the best time when you will be having your holidays, as well as the dry season, is also the best time to see the animals at a single glimpse.


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