10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Serengeti At Least Once In Your Life

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Basically, there is a huge no. of reasons to visit Serengeti in Tanzania Safari Tours. Many explorers come to Serengeti National Park after watching the movie lion King as the concept inherited from Serengeti National Park. People fantasies about the view and want to leave with incredible wildlife, spectacular sunrise, and sunset, Amazing balloon safari. There are some major reasons behind the visit to the Serengeti National Park at least once in your life.

1. Tanzania Game Drives

Tanzania Game-Drives

  • Tanzania Game Drives are one of the most effective reasons to go to the Serengeti on the campaign. Luckily, you ought not to come back throughout peak migration season (when it’s dearer and a lot of crowded) as a result of wonderful game viewing all year spherical. Lion, leopards are common, as are elephants and buffalo. The sole one amongst the massive 5 we have a tendency to found a touch trickier to identify was the rhinoceros.
  • Throughout a game drive, your guide is your supporter in Tanzania Luxury Safari, and he (or she) can wow you with what he finds, it’s smaller creatures like banded genus Herpestes or birds. If you’re self-driving, take some time and keep your eyes peeled; typically a gathering of alternative vehicles may be a sensible indicator of worthy sightings.


2. Great Migration Of Safaris Tanzania


  • Perhaps one amongst the foremost common reasons to go to the Serengeti in Tanzania – and also the most well-liked of all the items to try within the Serengeti – is that the nice Migration, once a few million gnus migrate from southern Tanzania north towards Kenya and back once more.
  • The grate wildebeest immigration northerly begins in April/May once the birthing amount, that the southern section of Serengeti may be a superior place throughout these months. By July/August, that is peak migration season as per Tanzania Safari Guide, once most of the watercourse crossings happen, the herds have rapt towards the northwestern Serengeti. From here they cross into Kenya’s Maasai Mara, wherever they graze from September/October to Dec, and then slowly migrate southwest back to Tanzania to begin the entire cycle once more.

3. Tanzania Birding

Tanzania Birding

  • With some five hundred bird species within the Serengeti, there’s one thing to thrill even those who don’t very consider themselves as birders. Larger birds we have a tendency to saw an enclosed martial eagle, bateleur, Verreaux’s bird of prey, and white-bellied wading bird displaying and job, sounding a small amount like associate degree old school horn-hooter from early movies. Sometimes they are visible around the Tanzania Lodge Safari.
  • Here, tiny doesn’t mean insignificant, with yellow-throated and cinnamon-breasted sand grouse, grey breasted spurfowl, Fischer’s sparrow lark, capped thrush, Usambiro piciform bird, and Fischer’s lovebird simply a number of the birds providing color or engaging calls.

4. Tanzania Walking Campaign


Another nice reason to go to the Serengeti may be a walking campaign. The bush has its own distinctive manner of reproving you, and it’s not one thing you’ll hear on a campaign vehicle. Therefore abate, switch to silent mode, and follow your guide into a world of bird calls, sandy tracks, and alternative signs of animals. Smell the bushes and also the mud, feel the rough leaves of a bush, find out about dung; it’s an opportunity to urge on the brink of the world and feel the wild at a lot of intimate levels. Not all Serengeti camps provide bush walks, therefore if this is often necessary to you, check before you book.

5. Hot Air Balloon Flight In Serengeti National Park


There’s nothing like taking to the air at dawn during a hot air balloon to urge a brand new perspective on the Serengeti. See the sunrise over the immense plains, crisscrossed by game tracks. Spot animals call at the open within the cool of the first morning, before the day heats up and that they take cowl within the shade of trees or koppies. Float with the wind because the pilot finds a channel, dip low to ascertain the associate climb to 300m for an eagle’s eye read of the Serengeti National Park landscape. Once you’re back on the bottom, get pleasure from a champagne breakfast before returning to camp. A hot air balloon expertise is dear (around US$550) however will certainly be unforgettable if you’ll scratch the money along. Strive Serengeti Balloon Safaris.

6. Masai Village Visit


You may visit the Serengeti chiefly for a life campaign; however, you can’t very know it absolutely while not participating with the native Masai those who have lived here and in southern Kenya for many years. If you get an opportunity, attempt to visit a Masai village to be told regarding their culture and mode. Discover the importance of alternative eutherian to the Masai; hear regarding however they build their homes and maybe a number of their wedding customs.

7. The Decision Of The Wild


There’s nothing you really like overlying in bed in the hours of darkness and hearing the sounds of the bush. If you keep in tiny camps within the Serengeti, life is going to be all around you. Listen for the roar of a lion, the whoop of a Crocuta, the grunt of a hippo, or maybe the decision of associate degree bird of prey. Early morning is rattling times within the bush too, the primary bird calls mounting to a crescendo, maybe the trumpeting of associate degree elephant, the cry of jackals, even groaning of the gnu or hysterical iha-iha of zebras.

8. The Landscapes Of Tanzania Luxury Safari


  • In the Serengeti, the landscape begs to be savored and photographed, the maximum amount a part of the campaign expertise because of the very good life. Serengeti may be a sense of ‘endless plains’ and these dominate the landscape, peppered here and there with umbrella trees.
  • Clusters of large rocks produce engaging koppies, with knotty trees that appear to grow directly out of the rock. Fever tree forests grow in quaggy areas, insect mounds grow tall and tree timberland and fig trees hug the rivers that snake through the landscape.

9. Dawn and Dusk


Make the foremost of early starts and sundowners to get pleasure from Serengeti’s lovely sunrises and sunsets. Get pleasure from serious music of muted pink and lilac within the morning, or the showy gold and orange of the sinking sun that silhouettes umbrella trees and a ruminant or gnu within the distance. Here on the campaign, you’re on the brink of the world and your days are outlined by the natural ebb and flow of sunshine. Realize a patch of silence to drink it bushed therefore you’ll keep in mind what it looked and felt like long once you’ve come home.

10. Accountable Touristy


When you trip the Serengeti, you’ll facilitate native folks and conservation by selecting to book with corporations that support accountable touristy. This suggests corporations and camps that embody environmental property in their principles of operation, touching the world gently. They’ll focus, as an example, on ideas like reducing, reusing, and usage, similarly as alternative energy. It conjointly suggests that they’re committed to benefiting native communities (e.g. in health, education, employment, development, and then forth) and serving to support analysis and conservation efforts.

Getting into Serengeti National Park is like getting into an adventure land. So many flora and fauna, incredible sights of endless golden grassland plains, Colourful sky during dawn and dusk, and the very rare creature are not only watched by Photos and videos. You can make it real as per Tanzania Travel Advice. Let’s contact @ Lifetime Safaris to help you to make your Tanzania Luxury Safari unforgettable.

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