Things To Do In Arusha Before And After Your Safari In Tanzania

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Things To Do In ArushaWell, if you have enough time as like 48 hrs you can add more colors in your Tanzania Safari Holidays. No, it’s not about more flora and fauna. It’s completely about a city situated at northeastern Tanzania with half million of residence, Arusha which makes you more know about the culture, education, market, cuisine, trends and lifestyle. Tanzania Safari can include more and more for a perfect trip as like this city.

Welcome To Arusha, Centre Of Known Safari Universe!


Tour Of Shanga Workshop

The swarming and interaction is a kind of energy booster to empower the community and employing people with disabilities to make creative and high-quality handmade jewelry, glassware, woodwork, and many home decors.

If you love at haggling, you can get an even-handed deal on some lovely pieces of local art.

Many of the shops now receive credit and debit cards, so you don’t have to possibility of carrying cash.


  • The beautiful mass of water is perfect for bird wonders and it’s an ideal location for calm walks around its forested edge For explorers who have few days to fill before they begin their safari and are looking for a bit more of a dare.
  • There is Mount Meru, the inactive miscellany of a volcano. To climb to the peak of Tanzania’s second-highest mountain takes three days, and it can be a rough climb through the forest-clad base and onto the rocky slopes.
  • Outside Arusha on your road is an alluring stop-off for you – Meserani Snake Park. Spending one or two hours, you’ll have the possibility to learn about some of Africa’s most attractive and hazardous reptiles.
  • Arusha National Park is one of Tanzania’s small parks and offers an exciting chance to spot forest species, like the elegant black-and-white colobus monkeys, that can be indefinable elsewhere in the north, as well as the safari clips like zebra and lion.


Learn About Traditional African Cuisines

You’re in Tanzania for an exploit of a life span and it is only fitting that your appetite experiences a brilliant drive of its own. End of your, you will return to your home, you’ll have more than electrifying memories and photographs as mementos of your tour, but also a useful acquaintance of how to put new kinds of dishes together.

Attend a cuisine class in Arusha and increase a deeper pleasure of how local ingredients and spices are adeptly mutual to make pleasant dishes.


Arusha becomes ethical and cerebral leaders in their country. The School of St. Jude is a sparkling set swarming with brilliant smiles and an assortment of amusing school-based performances. Visit here gives you the opportunity to participate in a school-based itinerary offering a variety of activities – Sample traditional lunch with the students, visit interactive art, music, PE or library classes or attend a weekly assembly and watch dance and music presentation.


The steaming of the cup of fresh coffee is never far away in Arusha as it is surrounded by a coffee plantation. Wander crossways coffee land as you find out how beautiful plants change into rich brown beans that include one of the world’s most consumed beverages.


Night Life In Arusha

If you wondered some nightlife action, a number of places are there. Obviously, it’s different from game drive Tanzania Safari nights. Depending on the night-time, various actions take place at different locations. Outside of Muzungu Square three night clubs appear to be pretty well-liked, present a mix of karaoke, hip hop dance music, live local music, ladies’ night and even huge screen movie parties. It all depends on the day and time of year for these activities.


Visit Cultural Heritage In Arusha

At Arusha, one of the largest surprises is the Cultural Heritage Centre, an enormous construction that comes into view of part, shop, and superior part museum.

The front of the building features a menagerie of locally and traditionally engraved memento. Many of these thoroughly carved from solid trunks of ebony trees and feature the swirling outline of migrating wildebeest. With others, you can find yourself staring into the carved and considerably expressive faces of Massai elders.

Well!!! Arusha can be the first kick towards your to your Safaris Tanzania or maybe the last gift of your Tanzania Safari Tours. Get more details like Tanzania Safari Guide, Tanzania Travel Advice, Tanzania Travel Guide by contacting us on @ Lifetime Safaris

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