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Tanzania Safari Cost
Tanzania Safari Cost

Your Tanzania Safari Cost ranges from $200 to 625 (per person, per day) for mid-range to luxury safari packages. For many travelers, looking forward to planning Tanzania Safari Tours cost is a big factor and we at Lifetime Safaris have compiled the complete travel guide to save on your Tanzania Safari Prices without comprising on the fun and quality of services. Here’s how you can do it –

Taking Longer Vacation

Tanzania Safari

Are you planning a weekend trip to Tanzania? Why not increase the number of days to 5 or 6 and enjoy double the amount of fun while saving on your Average Cost of Safari in Tanzania? You will be offered the best-personalized itineraries such as visiting the Northern Circuit National Parks and staying at luxurious camps in Tanzania.

To save on your total Tanzania Safari Prices you can do the following:

Change the category of your accommodation: Choose mid-range stays over luxury camps in Tanzanian National Parks.

Join Group Tours: (the more people inside the safari jeep, the lower the cost): The more your fellow travelers, the lesser the cost.

Visit during the low season/s (some accommodation offers lower rates during these times): To save on our safari costs you can visit Tanzania in the low season when there are short rains from December to February.

Choose the Southern Circuit National Parks

Tanzania Safari

The Tanzania National Park fees that you pay are used in a variety of conservation projects which support the Parks and surrounding communities.

These entrance fees to the Tanzanian National Parks vary for different parks, but the Northern Circuit Parks cost more compared to the Southern Circuit Parks, due to less popularity and fewer visitors. We suggest you book your Safari accordingly to save your Tanzania Safari Cost.

Book Your International Flights Early

Tanzania Safari Flights

Another factor that can help you save on your average cost is the Tanzania Travel Cost. The most essential expenditure after Tanzania Safari Package costs is the International Flight Costs. Due to the dynamic prices of the flights to Tanzania, this price is excluded from your package. Depending on the location of your departure, your flight costs will vary accordingly. We, therefore, suggest you book your flights before 6 to 9 months of your actual travel to Tanzania to save on the flight costs.

Other Factors Influencing Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania Safari Cost

While on Luxury Tanzania Safaris various factors influence the Tanzania Safari Cost which is included in your Tanzania Luxury Safari Packages such as – all your meals whilst on safari, airport transfers, unlimited drinking water, some complimentary beer, wine, and soda, Park Fees, Crater Fee, Special Camping Fees, Safari Vehicle and Guide. 

The factors that we do not include in the package are:

International flights

Tanzania Travel Insurance

Tanzania Visa

Drinks at your accommodation

There is a well- established culture of tipping in Tanzania.  The following is guidance only:

Safari Guide: U$D 10-15 per guest, per day

Private Chef (when Camping) U$D 10-15 per guest, per day

Add-ons to your Tanzania Safari Packages – Zanzibar Beach Holidays, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, etc.

So How Much Does a Safari Cost In Tanzania?

The following are the details of Tanzania Safari Costs which is essential to understand on your Tanzania Safari Tours:

Duration Group Members Budget Luxury
2 Days 2-3 $1200
2 Days 4-6 People $1000
2-3 Days 2-3 People $1436
4 Days 1-4 People $1450
4 Days 2-3 People $2500
4 Days 4-6 People $2200
6 Days 4-6 People $2815
6 Days 2-3 People $3100
6 Days 4-6 People $2200
7 Days 2-3 People $2300
7 Days 4-6 People $1700
8 Days 2-3 People $4800
8 Days 4-6 People $3500
8 Days 10+ People $3735  
9 Days 1-10 $3945
9 Days 10-20 $3570
9 Days 20-30 $2990
10 Days 1-4 $2860
10 Days 2-3 $3670
12 Days 4 $3960
13 Days 2-3 $1500
13 Days 4-6 $855

As you can see from the above table the answer to the question – How Much Does A Safari Cost In Tanzania has been answered with complete detail. We finally have concluded that:

A safari in Tanzania is greatly impacted by the number of travelers in a group.

To save on your package prices, one must choose long-duration safaris as they are more cost-effective.

Luxury safaris are more expensive compared to Tanzania Safaris.

Also, we often get asked – How Much Does a Serengeti Safari Cost?

So on average, a one-week safari in Serengeti National Park can cost between $2,500 (budget) and $7,500 (luxury) per person with Lifetime Safaris. To know more about the tour itineraries and details contact our travel experts at Lifetime Safaris.

Why Choose Lifetime Safaris for the best Tanzania Safari cost packages?

Tanzania Safari

We at Lifetime Safaris understand our customer’s needs and strive towards helping them fulfill their long-lived dreams of visiting the gorgeous and thriving National Parks in Tanzania. Our guides are highly experienced and provide an immense amount of knowledge and information about Tanzania Safari and its precious wildlife.

So hurry and grab the best deals with us today. Call us now for any queries and speak to our travel experts directly!

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