Tanzania Safari Cost- How Much Does A Safari Cost In Tanzania

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Tanzania Safari Cost
Tanzania Safari Cost

Wondering what is the Tanzania Safari Cost estimation that you will pay on your Tanzania Safari Tours? We have the Answer!

The Cost Of A Safari In Tanzania depends on several factors like the no of people travel, standard accommodation & duration of Tanzania Safari Tours. While planning your dream tour the first question in your mind is “How Much Does A Safari In Tanzania Cost?


How Much Does A Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania Safari is the ultimate bucket list trip. The Cost Of A Safari In Tanzania can vary widely depending on when you plan on visiting, where you are going, how you want to travel get from place to place (drive or fly), what activities you are interested in, and the level of accommodations.

Tanzania Safari Cost varies on numerous factors; traveling seasons, the standard and types of accommodation, the destinations covered in your chosen itinerary, group size, extra costs, and others.

There are three standards of accommodation you can get which are classified as; Budget, mid-range, and Tanzania Luxury Safari.

The type of safari you have chosen can say a lot about the Tanzania Safari Tours Price. You can choose from our Group tours, Self Drive or Private Tours and more. The group safaris cost less compared to the self-drive safari and tailor-made safaris.

But the latter two choices offer you the customized accommodations and services according to your choice. However, Tanzania Safari Cost can be minimized in Self drive tours, if planned perfectly.


Tanzania Safari Tours

There are many different types of safaris and numerous unique ways to experience the varied, vast, and breathtaking landscapes of Tanzania.

Tanzania Luxury Safari

In the case of Tanzania Luxury Safari, Tanzania Safari Cost is around US$470 per person sharing per night in the low season with 4 to 5-star lodge accommodation, fine dining, and expert guides.

As Serengeti has been included in every safari packages for the great migration, the curiosity of the visitors asks How Much Does A Serengeti Safari Cost?

For the 4-star lodge accommodation in Serengeti, the price is US$269 per person per night excluding the game drives, airstrip transfers, and park entry fees which is totally around US$270 per person per day. 

For the luxurious 5-star Tanzania Lodge Safari, the cost is US$796 per person per night in the low season and US$1300 in the high season and includes all the fees and services.

Tanzania Lodge Safaris

Tanzania Lodge Safaris are available in the form of three types of accommodations which are budget lodge, mid-range lodge, and tailor-made private lodge safari. 

Tanzania Safari Cost for the mid-range budget lodge safari varies between US$320 and US$375 per person per day while for a tailor-made private safari; it varies in between $350 to $400 per person per day.

Tanzania Camping Safaris

Tanzania Safari Cost for camping safaris includes the cost of both budgets as well as mid-range budgets. For a group camping safari in Tanzania, the cost is US$285 per day per person including the fee for the guide, transportation in a 4×4 vehicle, two-man dome tents, park and entry fees, and specified meals. 

4 Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari– 855 – 1500 USD

7 Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari– 1700 – 2300 USD

10 Days Tanzania Adventure Camping Safaris– 2860 – 3670 USD


Tanzania Safari Cost Guidelines

The cost of Tanzania Safari is determined by various factors & guidelines.

The Average Cost of Safari in Tanzania are as follows:

For the budget camping, the cost of private tours is USD281 while it is USD254 for group tours.

For the budget accommodation, the cost of private tours is USD254 while it is USD241 for group tours.

For the mid-range accommodation, the cost of private tours is USD401 while it is USD347 for group tours.

For the luxury accommodation, the cost of private tours USD602 and it is USD522 for group tours.

For the fully private 5-star luxury accommodation, the cost is USD1100.


Tanzania Safari Cost

Here we describe the main factors that affect the overall price of your Tanzania Safari Tours.

Transport on Tour

Traveling in a vehicle or flying from one destination to another has a great impact on Tanzania Travel Cost.

In a group safari, you will be transferred by using 4×4 vehicles for pick-up and drop-off at the accommodation or the hotel.

In the fly-in safaris, a small fixed-wing plane is used for transferring clients from one local airstrip to another destination’s local airstrip. For game drive, a 4×4 safari vehicle is used. So, it becomes more expensive as used for multiple destinations.


As there are two seasons in Tanzania; one is dry season and considered as the Best Time For Safari In Tanzania while the other is wettest one. In the wettest season, the Tanzania Safari Cost is lower while in the dry season, it is high.

The high season is from July to October and December.

The shoulder or Mid-Season is January, February, and June when the price is 20% off as per the price of high season.

The Low Season is from March to May and November when you will get up to 40% discount on high season rates.

Tanzania Safari Destinations

As Tanzania is famous for the Great Migration, the prices are higher. In the southern part of Serengeti, the prices are high in February.  Due to the archaeological significance and abundance of wildlife, the price for Ngorongoro Crater is high.

Tanzania Safari Accommodation
Tanzania Safari Accommodation

Depending upon the standard of accommodation, Tanzania Safari Cost varies. The three types of accommodations are budget, mid-range, and luxurious accommodation.

Tanzania Flights
Tanzania Flights

During the peak seasons from June to October, the flights to Tanzania are more expensive. So, you need to book in advance for getting the flight tickets at affordable prices.

In the low season from March to May, you’ll get the tickets at a low price. In the short wet season, from October to December, the price of the flights to Tanzania is low.

Tanzania Visas

Tanzania tourist visa costs US$50 for most of the countries and also available after your arrival for most of the countries. The single-entry tourist visa has validity for up to 30 days and valid for 90 days. For US citizens, Tanzania visa costs US$100 while for the multiple-entry visa holders; the validity is of up to 12 months.

Tanzania Travel Insurance
Tanzania Travel Insurance

Tanzania Travel Insurance is important for Tanzania Safety and categorized under Budget, Silver or medium, and Gold or standard classes. The cost or premium depends upon the insurance policy depending upon the coverage such as emergency evacuation, accidents, loss of baggage, cancellation of the trip, and others.

The estimated price for the Budget Travel Insurance is US$35, medium Travel Insurance is US$50 and the standard Travel Insurance is US$64.


Life Time Safaris

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