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The travelers planning for the Tanzania Budget Safari want to experience the real African Adventure, where one gets closer to nature. The Tanzania Budget Safari not only saves you from needless expenses but also shows the real picture of the pristine biodiversity of Tanzania.

But how do you plan a remarkable Budget Safari In Tanzania without having to sacrifice on quality? We’re here with great tips to ensure your Tanzania Safari Tours is unforgettable without being excessive.

Budget safari doesn’t mean that you will get the lesser wildlife view and receive a low-quality service. A Best Budget Safari Tanzania offers the most authentic experience of Tanzania wildlife by giving enormous opportunities for spending most of the time among the animals. Not only this, but you can also become closer to the animals in their natural habitat.


The cost of Budget Safari Tanzania depends upon different factors such as park fees, camping fees, transportation, food, and others.

For a group of 6 people in a 4-day safari, park fees for one person are 372 USD per person. But for a small group of 2 people, the entrance price is 500 USD per person.

For a safari game drive, the cost of the gas and salary of the driver or guide is around 125 USD per person.

The minimum price of the accommodation and food will cost at least 150-200 USD per person which includes basic camping, the necessary gear, food, and a cook.

The cost in budget safari includes the fees paid by your tour operator as taxes, insurance, licenses, etc. 

Lifetime Safaris provide you with an adventure-filled camping safari that guarantees an immersive experience in the heart of the African wilderness.

We offer two packages in Tanzania Budget Safari. Let check the below packages.

4 Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari – (855 – 1500 USD)

7 Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari – (1700 – 2300 USD)


Tanzania gives you the essence of the entire Africa subcontinent in a single nation. Its impermeable forests, towering mountains, vast open Savannahs, the National Parks and the Gem Reserves, the unique animals & much more will take you on a wild ride which is tough to forget.

Do not miss the opportunities to explore the rich wildlife in the Tanzania Budget Safari.

Serengeti National Park

Watch the Great Wildebeest Migration, the hunting of lion and other wildlife activities in Serengeti National Park, the oldest ecosystem in the world.

Ngorongoro Crater

Spot African Big Five and enjoy the game drive in the largest volcanic caldera of the world.

Tarangire National Park

Meet the family of elephants, giant baobab trees; enjoy birding, and spot the tree-climbing lions.

Lake Manyara National Park

Enjoy the game view, spot lions on the higher branch of the tree, and enjoy the birding along with the large flock of pink flamingos.

To get the most pleasurable experience in Tanzania Budget Safari, from June to October, the dry season is the Best Time For Safari In Tanzania.


Accommodations in Tanzania Budget Camping Safari include the camping tents and tented camps.

In Camping Tents, you will get the bivouac tents, set up in a designated camping ground just outside the park or inside it. The toilet and baths are for the common use of everyone.

The Tented Camp is made of special canvas and located in some of the most action-packed or most exclusive areas of the park. These are usually available with en-suite baths.

In Camp, you need to have the power bank with you to charge the phone, camera, and other electronic gadgets as the uncertainty of electricity in camps.

In the Lodge, you will get the basic hotel with solid walls and the usual hotel amenities. These can be found at a little distance away from the wild areas.

As an experienced tour operator, Lifetime Safaris offers
  • Best Accommodation
  • A 4×4 safari vehicle for the transportation with photographic roof thatch 
  • Professional, English-speaking guide
  • Professional, English-speaking safari cooks
  • Overnight stays in safari tents
  • Camping equipment such as tents, sleeping mats, chairs, tables, etc.
  • Foods
  • Flying Doctors insurance (AMREF) during the safari


At Lifetime Safaris, we are much concerned about your health as you, so we provide fresh, hygienic food on your safari tours.

In Budget Safari Tanzania, you will be accompanied by our professional guide and a cook. Before your return from the trip, they have prepared the food and set up the tents and tables for you to enjoy the meals.

Though the price is less, you will find the most delicious nutritious food with at least four different dishes and desserts for each meal. The cook usually wakes up in the early morning and start preparing breakfast for you. You will get boiled eggs, pancakes, toast, tea, and coffee as breakfast.

In the case of packed food, the lunch is made according to the distance between your accommodation and the desired destination on Tanzania Budget safari. If you are going to a far destination, your lunch box is packed with roasted chicken, boiled eggs, sandwiches, juice boxes, and even muffins for dessert.

For the second lunch, the cook will make the dishes made of the rice and beef stew. After packing in thermal pots, the foods are kept hot for lunch.

In dinner, you will enjoy the traditional Tanzania foods which are Ugali, Plov rice, beef stew, and others with the soup. We also provide pizza, French fries, and spaghetti Bolognese in Tanzania Safari Tours. As per tradition, the dinner starts with soup and finished with dessert.


Lifetime Safaris has been working since 2009 with ethical working culture and enthusiasm to satisfy your desires by giving the utmost pleasurable experience.

We Deliver Consistent Top Quality

Focusing on customer satisfaction, Lifetime Safaris with an experience of 15 years offers excellent services and high-quality amenities. As we are proud of our country’s nature and wildlife, we represent the beauty of our country in the most interesting and best way.

We Don’t Go Cheap On Safety And Security

As a reputed tour operator of Tanzania, we do not compromise on Tanzania Safety and security. We provide you the Best Budget Safari Tanzania. The guides and crew members are professional and experienced, so they take care of you and your valuables during the safari. Our vehicles are well equipped and regularly checked for your hassle-free journey.

Our Vehicles

We are providing a 4×4 safari vehicle for transportation which is well equipped with comfortable seats and thatched roof. Our customized vehicles have different facilities such as the electrical port for charging electronic gadgets on Tanzania Safari. You will never get disappointed during your safari for any mechanical problem of vehicles as we check up the vehicle regularly

Professional Guides

Our experienced and friendly guides are professionals and can communicate in English. They are well-educated and familiar with the wildlife hotspots. We guarantee you and your family and friends will have immense fun with our guides. Before starting Tanzania Safaris, you can ask for Tanzania Safari Tips to our guides for the preparation.

As an experienced local based tour operator, Lifetime Safaris is familiar with the taste and desires what every visitors want. Make your holiday trip enjoyable and memorable forever by visiting @ lifetimesafaristz.com

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