Planning For A Responsible Safari In The Serengeti - Here Is The Guide!

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Serengeti National Park Safari

Planning to go on Safari in 2021? But confused about where to go? Then Tanzania Safari Tours is a great option. Renowned as the world’s largest land animal migration, Africa’s great wildebeest migration takes place each year in Tanzania and Kenya.

With regards to the Safari experience, Tanzania Safari’s shocking scope of untamed life. And the delightful Serengeti Safari makes it the best spot in Africa to go on safari. That’s the reason adventurous travelers from around the globe flock to the Serengeti National Park in hopes of seeing the dramatic scenes that this journey provides.

Planning A Responsible Safari In The Serengeti.

We know that planning a Responsible Safari In The Serengeti can be a daunting task. In this blog we will discuss all the necessary aspects, so you can get the most out of your Serengeti Safari Tours.

The key is to plan perfectly. So that you’ll be able to handle all the potential trials with ease and enjoy Safaris Tanzania to the fullest.

Places To Visit During Serengeti Safari Tours

As Tanzania Safari Tour offers a wide variety of different spots with picturesque landscapes with an abundance of wildlife and the baggiest wildebeest migration, making the perfect itinerary becomes vital. Here is a potential checklist covering all the attractive places to help you plan a Responsible Serengeti Safari.

1.    Seronera Valley & Central Plains

The Seronera Valley and Central Serengeti plains are some of the most popular safari spots in the Serengeti Nation Park. This is because partly, Nabbi Gate, the ‘entrance’ to the Serengeti, opens up into the Seronera Valley and because it harbors the area’s biggest cat population.

So naturally, in this area of your Serengeti safari, you will find lion, leopard, cheetah, or hyena time and time again. The available shade and rivers that run through the area enticing the prey to linger in the area year-round.

2.    Grumeti Reserve & Western Corridor

  • The Grumeti Reserve offers a large habitation of crocodiles running through the entire Grumeti River.
  • Even though a sight to behold any time of year, the Grumeti River becomes even more spectacular when enemies clash during the great migration.
  • Be a spectacle to the dilemma of migrating wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle as to whether attempt a crossing or face the consequences of trying to go around.
  • The Western Corridor is one of the most secluded areas you will come across during the Serengeti Safari. The entire area is much greener with hills, valleys, and patches of forest and woodland sprouting out of it.
  • In the woodlands, you can find Patas monkeys, black and white Colobus monkeys, as well as a myriad of birdlife.

3.    Northern Serengeti

  • Reaching the Northern Serengeti might be a little tiring as it requires a long, arduous drive or an expensive flight. But rest assured the journey would be totally worth it.
  • You can catch the wildebeest migration, a crocodile-infested river crossing at the Mara River.
  • The Northern Serengeti hosts an abundance of year-round animal residents like lions, leopards, elephants, hippopotamus, crocodiles, giraffes, antelope, and more.

4.    Southern Plains

  • The Southern Plains are the most talked about quintessential African landscapes.
  • You will find various outcrops of rock formations rising out of grasslands, which are otherwise only dotted by the occasional acacia tree.
  • Interesting trivia; the Disney movie the Lion King was shot on the Southern Plains.
  • You will find a much dense population of Cheetahs in the Southern Plains in comparison to anywhere else in your Serengeti Safari Tours.

Best Time To Plan A Serengeti Safari

Even though there isn’t a right or wrong time to plan Tanzania Safari Tours, the time period of June to October is considered as the Best Time For Serengeti Safari.

  • The Serengeti National Park majorly experiences two seasons. One, dry season from June to October and Wet season from November to May.
  • Late June to October is the Best Time To Visit Serengeti National Park Safari to get the best experience in wildlife and spectacular wildebeest migration.
  • As the timing of the migration varies from year to year, your best chance of seeing it is during June and July.
  • If you want to witness the wildebeest calving, then January to February is the ideal season.

Ideal Duration For Serengeti Safari

Ideally, you should plan for three or four days to spend on Serengeti National Park Tours and go on safari. If you are into photography, then you should stay a little longer to give yourself a chance to capture all that the park has to offer and get amazing photos. Your Tanzania Safari Guide will help you plan your entire itinerary carefully.

Stay On Top Of Your Medical Check-Ups And Travel Insurance

Before starting your Tanzania Holidays, consult a doctor to make sure you are in perfect health condition to make this trip. Make certain you’ve got all the necessary documents required for your Tanzania Safari Tours. It is mandatory to apply for an e-visa before traveling to Tanzania. So make sure you have taken care of things like disease immunization, necessary vaccinations, valid passport, visa, approved prescription, etc.

Medical Check-Ups

Tanzania is a malaria zone, so malaria prophylactics are strongly suggested.

Recommended immunizations are Hepatitis A and Typhoid, Hepatitis B, Tetanus and Rabies.

Your Tanzania Travel Guide will shot everything out for you in the beginning of Tanzania Safari Tours. So you can get the best out of your Serengeti Safari Experience.

Travel Insurance

  • The Travel insurance For Tanzania Safari should cover therapeutic, trip wiping out, baggage, and crisis departure to the closest urban emergency clinic.
  • Ideally, the cost of travel insurance depends on the all-out expense of the safari in addition to worldwide airfare.
  • You should check whether your current plan covers medical repayments for abroad restorative consideration.
  • Travel insurance may cost a couple of dollars more but it will give you the liberty to avail the best and necessary medical attention should the need arise.

What To Pack For Serengeti Safari

  • Carrying the right trip necessities is an essential part of your planning before your Tanzania Safari. You’ll need to bring things like lights, batteries and your own hygiene toiletries.
  • Furthermore, you should recheck all the instruments such as your camera, binoculars and make sure everything is in mint condition.
  • We advise you to travel with soft compact baggage. If you are boarding a plane then please don’t forget to ask for information about bag restrictions (limitations) from your tour operator.
  • Don’t worry. Your Serengeti Safari Guide will help you with everything you will need. Therefore don’t hesitate to raise queries in spite of how minor it may seem.

Additional Tips To Plan A Responsible Serengeti Safari

  • Charge your Camera at night or before you go on a game drive or carry extra batteries.
  • Pack some extra completely loaded medical aid pack. You never know when it might come in handy. As you might need it while recuperating wounds like unintentional snake nibbles or some other undesirable wounds amid your Tanzania Safari Tours.
  • It is most vital to find an experienced Serengeti Safari Guide. A decent driver/guide can represent the moment of truth during your Tanzania Safari.
  • Carry sufficient water. During your Serengeti National park safari, there will be days where you are in the safari vehicle for a long length of time. Therefore it is recommended to remain hydrated by drinking enough water.
  • We recommend you dress in neutral hues and layer cotton for warmth in the cool evenings of Safari Tanzania.
  • Be prepared for dust as Safaris normally are a dry and dusty spot. So you need to be cautious when taking care of your DSLR on Tanzania Safari Tours.

We hope to have provided the necessary information to help plan you a Responsible Serengeti Safari. However, if you have any further questions regarding planning a perfect Tanzania Safari Tours, then visit us at

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