Serengeti National Park Tours and Packages: A Complete Guide for Travelers

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The Serengeti National park has it’s own and unique way to attract travelers towards it. The main attraction is the Wildebeest Migration, game drives, and other activities that can Experience through the Serengeti National Park Tours at an affordable budget. More days you spend in the Safari, the more you experience the wilderness.

We made research and listed top attractions offered by Serengeti National Park Tours to make your visit more interesting. Here is the Complete List:

The Great Wildebeest Migration:

great wildebeest migration

The most spectacular natural wonder on earth, a million wildebeest take a journey across the infinite plains of Serengeti National Park and cross the River Mara in search of fresh grassland, and this is one of the main attractions you can witness during Tanzania Safari Tours. The downpours bring the crisp grass, which makes the Wildebeest stay along Serengeti National Park.

The main highlight of this Serengeti National Park Tours is:

  • Visit three of the well-known reserve in Tanzania.
  • Witness the great wildebeest migration.
  • Excellent wildlife viewing in Natural Habitat.
  • Experience great migration, Big 5 game drives.
  • Cultural tour to nearby Maasai culture.

Tips for Beautiful Experience:

  • You can never predict the wildebeest crossing river, not only you, the wildebeest itself cannot predict when it will cross the river. Some hang around there grazing, and some go back to the place where they came from. Now, some are brave enough to swim and cross the river. So, it is better to spend more time on Safari to see a river crossing.
  • The great migration is a year-round phenomenon, with different and equally exciting elements occurring at various times of the year.

To witness one of these with Serengeti National Park Tours, follow the migration.

  • January to March: In the rains, the wildebeests are scattered over the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
  • April: Streams begin to dry when the rain Cease, now wildebeests concentrate on remaining green areas and form thousand-strong herds to migrate in search of food.
  • May-Early July: These herds cross northwest into Serengeti and Kenya’s Maasai Mara.
  • September – October: The Last Wildebeests leave the Serengeti.
  • November – December: The herds begin to move south again expecting rain, crossing the heart of the Serengeti.

The best place to stay in wildebeest migration can be divided into 2 categories. Both have different advantages and which you choose to stay in depends on what is important to you.

They are Mobile Camps and Permanent lodges.

You have an idea of how the migration works, and you know the best time to visit depends on what you are interested in seeing.


Seronera River Valley:

Pride of lions near Seronera River Valley

The Seronera River Valley is located in the Central Region of Serengeti National Park. This is the most important area in reserve.

The Seronera valley is known as the Big Cat capital of Africa. This is the best place to watch carnivore’s actions, and excellent encounters are available year-round. You can witness all the 4 large predators in a single day here and also the small predators like; Mongoose, Serval, fox, and jackal.

The river is home to one of the huge Nile crocodiles, often standing motionless on the river banks with their mouth open.

The Seronera River is also popular for birdwatchers, all year round to spot herons, egrets, grey crowned cranes, Egyptian goose, kingfishers, hoopoes, rollers, and many other birds.

The main highlight of this Serengeti Safari Tour is:

  • Best predators viewing in Africa
  • The most famous area in Serengeti
  • Home to Serengeti Lion project
  • Best African savannah landscape

Topography and main species:

  • Broad valley with meandering river
  • Savannahs
  • Granite Kopjes
  • Grasslands
  • Swamps

The species include Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Mongoose, Jackal, Fox, Caracal, Hyena, dik-dik, Warthog, Hippo, and many more.

Best Time To Visit:

You can visit Seronera Valley year-round. However, May to October would be recommended to experience the best of Seronera Valley.


Naabi Hill:

Naabi Hill

Naabi Hill is located a few kilometers from the eastern Serengeti border with Ngorongoro. The Naabi Hill towers above the short grass plains of the Serengeti. The viewpoint from the top of Naabi Hill offers the best views of the plains.

The hill is filled with acacia and functions as Serengeti’s park gate.

The main wildlife found here are; antelope, elephant, and giraffe.

The Naabi hill is home for Naabi lion pride and den site for cheetahs.

During the green season, it welcomes the wildebeest migration and also the nearby plains are filled with wildebeests.

The main highlight of this Serengeti National Park Tours is:

  • A self-guided walking trail leads to a viewpoint
  • Epicentre of the migration from December to April
  • Used as a navigation aid for remote drives
  • Central game location in the green season.

Topography and main species:

  • Large Hill with Acacia trees – surrounded by open plains.
  • The main species are; Giraffe, Elephant, Antelope, Lion, Cheetah, Vervet monkey and many more

Best Time To Visit:

The best time to visit is year-round. However, depending on your preference of what to see, you can plan accordingly.

The dry season starts from June to October, the Green season from December to May.

The Best place to stay:

You can stay in Sametu Camp, Four Season Lodge or any private Mobile camps.

Lobo Valley:

Lobo Valley

The Lobo Valley is located between the Lobo Kopjes and Lobo hills of northern Serengeti Park. The permanent water sources sustain an abundance of wildlife in Lobo Valley. It offers the spectacular big cat viewing opportunities.

The best of the Big cats include; Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs.

Lobo is a pristine valley scattered with woodlands, open plains, ranges and hills and studded with spectacular granite kopjes.

Some of the most famous ancient rock formations estimated at 3 million year old can be seen in the Lobo valley.

The main highlights of this Serengeti National Park Tours are:

  • A large resident of Lion pride
  • Spectacular ancient rock formation
  • View old buffalo bulls and antelopes
  • A high concentration of elephants.

Topography and main species:

  • Open Acacia woodlands
  • Granit kopjes
  • Small grass plains
  • Springs and
  • Riverine areas.

The main species here are; Klipspringer, Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Leopard, Impala, Baboon, and many other species.

Best Time to Visit

Serengeti National Park Tours recommend the best time to visit between Junes to November as it is the dry season, and you will be able to witness more wildlife.

The best place to stay nearby is:

  • Lemla Mara river camp.
  • River camps
  • Tented lodges
  • Migration tented lodges and many more.


Moru Kopjes:

Moru Kopjes

Moru kopjes are situated in Serengeti and about 32 miles northwest of Naabi Hill, It is the home to the Black Rhino population. The Serengeti Rhino Project has a visitor’s center here where one can learn about the conservation strategies being employed.

You can also visit the Gong rock, where a short walk leads to a series of Maasai paintings.

Just to the east lies the saline lake Magadi, and you can find millions of Flamingos here.

The main highlights of this Serengeti National Park Tour Packages are:

  • Gong Rock and Maasai rock painting
  • Rare Black Rhinos
  • Flamingo at nearby Lake Magadi
  • Beautiful Cendelabra trees

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Moru Kopjes is year-round. However, the best time to visit is between June to December, as the dry season starts and you can spot more wild animals.

The best place to stay is:

  • Private Mobile Camps
  • Tented lodges
  • KubuKubu tented lodge


Retina Hippo Pool:

Hippo pool in Serengeti

The Retina Hippo Pool is located 8km to the north of Seronera, where the course of the Seronera River joins the Orange River and forms a deep pond puddle by Hippos spending the day immersed in water.

The Visit to the Retina Hippo Pool is very interesting especially in the dry seasons when there are more hippos than the water.

Here is a picnic area where you can take a break or enjoy breakfast and lunch. The most unique feature here is the visitors are permitted to leave the vehicle and watch the hippos on foot.

A large number of hippos huddle together, spouting and grunting in water.

The main highlight of this Serengeti National Park Tours is:

  • View Hippos on foot
  • Great photography opportunity
  • Short Nature walk
  • Beautiful forest and colorful birds.


Topography and Main Species:

  • A deep pool of water

The main species include Nile crocodile, Hippo, Egrets, Herons, Crowned cranes, Egyptian geese, Kingfishers, and many more beautiful species.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit this Tanzania Safari Tour in Retina Hippo Pool is year-round. However, for the best experience of hippos in the pool, you can visit during the dry season, which is between June to November.

The best places to stay:

  • Private Mobile camps
  • Tented camps
  • Tour season lodges


Grumeti River:

grumeti river

Grumeti River is a part of Serengeti National park, which serves as a Safari area known for the wildebeest river crossing during great migrations.

This river is famous for the thrilling river crossings during the great migration and one of the beautiful spectacles of earth.

It is filled with savannahs, woodlands, floodplains, and riverine forests. It is home to a great diversity of year-round wildlife which includes elephant, giraffe, hippo, giant Nile crocodiles, rare Colobus monkeys and many more.

The main highlights are:

  • Seeing the enormous herds of the great migration of herbivores.
  • Walking Safari is possible
  • Spend hours on foot in the bushes
  • Learn about birds, insects, and indigenous plants.
  • Visit a local Maasai community

Best Time To visit:

The best time to visit Grumeti River is between May to early July to spot the spectacular wildebeest migration. However, the Tanzania Safari tours are open year-round.


Serengeti Balloon Safari:

Serengeti hot air balloon Safari

The Serengeti Balloon Safari is a fantastic bird’s eye experience of game viewing in Serengeti. Here in central Serengeti, the wildlife gathers year-around in the Seronera valley because of its permanent water.

The Balloon Safari is favorable in the early morning and advice to pre-book the Safari due to its limited availability.

The age limitation to be accommodated in the Hot Air Balloon Safari is above 7 years old, fit and active only.

The main highlight of this Serengeti National Park Tours is:

  • The balloons are immense
  • Baskets are compartmented for comfort and security.
  • It can accommodate 16 people for each one hour voyage.
  • A skilled, experienced and licensed pilot and staff are accompanied.

Each flight is unique, some high enough to get a panoramic view of landscapes for miles ahead and some low enough to see individual animals at close quarters.

The Tanzania Safari cost for the Ballooning safari depends according to the preference of the customers as how many hours they would like to spend in the flight.

It is also possible to charter special private balloon flights in the Grumeti reserve for honeymoon couples on their romantic trip in the Great Plains of Africa.

Best time for Ballooning:

The weather condition is suitable for ballooning almost every day in a year.

  • You can visit central Serengeti Year around.
  • Ngorongoro/Serengeti between December – March
  • Western Serengeti between June – October
  • Northern Serengeti between July – November.


Bologonja Springs:

Bologonja Springs

The Bologonja Springs is an idyllic hotspot, hidden away in the North-east reaches of Serengeti. The water from these springs forms the headwaters to the Bologonja River, which flows across the Northern Serengeti to Mara River.

The trees in Bologonja Springs support several species of Monkeys, which includes vervet monkeys, Baboons, and many other birds such as kingfishers, hoopoes, rollers, and elegant crowned cranes.

The nearby salt lick is a heaven for wildlife, and a large herd of buffalo and elephants are regular visitors.

The main highlights of this Serengeti Safari Tours are:

  • Large herds of Buffalo and elephant
  • Beautiful canopy forest and colorful birds
  • Nearby Larelemangi salt lick is a unique area
  • Mountain reedbuck and stone book

Topography and Main Species:

  • Canopy forest, Saltlick, springs, Riverine Areas

The main species include; Steenbok, Reedbuck, Buffalo, Elephants, Impala and more.

Best time to Visit:

You can visit Bologonja Springs any time after the rainy season; the roads will be dry to easily drive on the spring’s water. However, the best time to visit would be between October and November for wildebeest migration, which will head till June.

Olduvai Gorge:

The Olduvai Gorge is located in the Great Rift Valley between the Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti Park. It is 30 miles from Laetoli, another fossil-rich area. Olduvai Gorge has formed about 30,000 years ago, the result of aggressive geological activity and streams.

This is one of the famous fossil sites in the world.

The main highlights of Olduvai Gorge are:

  • Excellent photographic documentation of the research summarizing the main archaeological findings.
  • Excavation sites
  • Browsing Olduvai Gorge museum
  • Nicknamed as the cradle of mankind
  • Numerous resident giraffes
  • Daily lecture by Antiquities guide

Topography and Main species:

  • Canyon/Gorge, Rocky Bed, Shrubland

The main species here include Giraffe, Agama Lizard, Leopard tortoise, Grant gazelle, Wildebeest and many more.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit this Tanzania Safari Trip is between January to June and November to December.

Best place to stay:

The best places to stay nearby are:

  • Ndutu camp
  • LemalaNdutu camp
  • Lake Masek Tented Lodge
  • Woodlands camp.


Here are the list of Packages and Tanzania Safari Cost of the same:


Tanzania Safari Packages




4 Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari             Starting from $850
6 Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari            Starting from $ 1700
7 Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari            Starting from $1700
10 Days Tanzania Adventure Camping Safaris           Starting from $2860
8 Days Tanzania Adventure Midrange Safari           Starting from $3845
6 Days Tanzania Adventure Safari           Starting from $2815
12 Days Tanzania Family Safari           Starting from $850
1 Day Horse Riding Safari Tanzania           Starting from $855
8 Days Tanzania Luxury Bush Safari           Starting from $3500
4 Days Tanzania Luxury Bush Safari           Starting from $2200
6 Days Tanzania Luxury Safari With Empakai Hiking                                    Starting from $2200
3 Days Tanzania Luxury Safari To Serengeti           Starting from $1950
9 Days Tanzania Adventure Luxury Safari           Starting from $3945
*All prices are subjected to change according to peak & low seasons


So, according to our thorough research, the top attractions offered by Serengeti National Park Tours are mentioned above to make your visit more interesting and easy to choose from. We in Lifetime Safaris are always happy to see you satisfied and make sure your trip is memorable. For Information Visit @

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