Serengeti National Park - What Makes It Unique & Special For USA Travellers?

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The main attraction of Serengeti National Park is wildlife. What really makes it unique for USA travelers is the fact that Serengeti National Park Safari houses the highest concentration of large mammals in the world. So naturally, you’re bound to spot giraffes, elephants, hippos, and, of course, lions. Plus, you’ll also come across more than 500 species of birds, including ostriches and flamingos. While seeing one or two animals at a time may be exciting but, nothing beats seeing them in a pack.

The Great Migration in the Serengeti Safari’s main draw: This voyage of more than one million wildebeest, zebras, and other hoofed animals is one of the world’s largest wildlife spectacles. If you grow tired of gazing at grazers, you can head to Moru Kopjes to mingle with rhinos or to the Retina Hippo Pool to watch these massive mammals splash about.

That’s the reason every year thousands and thousands of USA travelers choose Tanzania Safari Tours for their adventure into the wild. Planning your next trip to Africa? Then Serengeti National Park Safari must be on your bucket list. But there is more to Serengeti Safari that meets the eye.

Here are five reasons that will tell you why Serengeti National Park is the most shot-out destination for every USA traveler.

Great Migration During Serengeti National Park Safari

As we all know Serengeti National Park has the largest migration in the world. It truly is exquisite. So People from all around the world come to witness this for themselves.

  • The migration flows through Serengeti National Park, the Maasai Mara Reserve, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
  • The animals face dangerous river crossings, where many fall victim to drowning and the jaws of hungry Nile crocodiles. The many that die along the way, serve to feed predators.
  • Though migration is always moving, there are defined periods when you can expect to find the animals in certain locations. From late December to early March enormous herds resides in the southern Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where females give birth to the next generation.
  • This calving season ends around the beginning of April. The herds then move on towards the Serengeti’s western corridor.

Abundance Of Wildlife

The Serengeti National Park Safari gives you a chance to witness all the “Big Five” animals living together in the wild: The lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo.

Serengeti Safari will bestow you with the site of cubs playing or lions mating. Don’t be faint-hearted if a lion chooses to rest under the shade of your safari vehicle.

There are currently around 4000 lions, 7500 Haynes, 500 species of birds as well as 250 cheetahs dwelling together in Serengeti National Park.

Furthermore, you will also find monkeys galore, giraffes, zebras, ostriches and dikdik, elands, topes as well as klipspringers, kudus, and bushbucks. In addition to that, you can see a huge range of antelope and hippos.

The Hot Air Balloon Safari At Serengeti National Park

Hot Air Balloon Safari is the perfect way to get a complete view of the Serengeti National Park. You can get a bird’s eye view of the Serengeti, a sight that will take your breath away. It is the most magical and out-of-the-body experience. You can choose a hot air balloon ride according to your budget. There are basic rides, as well as more luxurious ones with complimentary champagne! If you are an adrenaline junky then a chartered plane option is also available too.

Game Drives In Serengeti Safari

Game drives are one of the top attractions of Serengeti National Park Safari. Interestingly the game viewing can be enjoyed all year round. You get to see all the big five- lion, cheetah, leopard, elephant, and buffalo you can also get a glimpse of rhinos.

Just follow the lead of your Serengeti Safari Guide allow him to wow you with what he finds. Even small creatures like banded mongoose or birds will blow your mind.

Serengeti National Park Is A Staller Destination

The Serengeti National Park is surrounded by a number of smaller destinations that will complement your east African safari. Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara National Park are some nearby popular Tanzania Destinations.

The Ngorongoro Crater is actually is a large volcanic caldera. It is the perfect spot for an impressive variety of games such as black rhino, elephant, and buffalo. The diversity of habitats and wildlife inside the crater makes it a worthwhile visit.

Another great option is to add a beach component to your Tanzania Safari Tours. Relaxing on the sunny beaches of Zanzibar or Pemba Island would be a thrilling way to round your holiday.

Planning Your Next Tanzania Safari?

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