Spaces To Stay To Witness The Great Wildebeest Migration

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Serengeti Wildebeest Migration is one of the world’s most dramatic wildlife events in the world.  Almost around two million wildebeest use to head journey from the plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya. In quest of greener grasslands and more overflowing waters. There is certainly accommodation you must find out forsee the migration. As the migration lasts the whole year and follows a cyclic agenda.  Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Safari probable to witness the endless herds at various points during the journey.

Tanzania Safari Tours is the best place to visit in order to see this most magnificent migration.

The Mara River

One of the most interesting points of the wildebeest’s drive is when they cross the river, Mara. Standing at the lip of the bank, entire herds rapidly cascade downwards to the river, flinging up of dust.

  • Amongst the fraught splashing, some animals are shortly pulled under the water. Crocodiles wait under the water and ready to lock their jaws around bodies of migrating wildebeest. The creatures struggle to be free and move to another side of the river. And some of the wild beasts become the food of wild animals.

August and September months are the Best Time for Safari in Tanzania to see these spectacles. Basically in this time of year, the dry season is narrowing its grip on the land – forcing the wildebeest to make Tanzania Safaris.

The Plains of the Mara Reserve

The remaining wildebeest are still huge to cross the river actively. The Great Plains of the Masai Mara expect the arrival of wildebeest. Their return for living far expect plenty of lavish green grass and fresh water. Both in good stream results in the rain showers that begin in September and October.

  • After encountering crocodiles, the grassland will still full of vastness. Feeding wildebeest fill the plains up to the distance, distributed. There will gazelle and zebras also.
  • Aside from the magnificent landscape of the migration, tourists will also be able to see a number of local birds, concerned by the bugs and grubs kicked up from the wildebeest.

The Ndutu Plains

After the departure from the lush plains of the Masai Mara, the wildebeests turn back towards Tanzania, following the rain. The grasslands of Ndutu, in the northern piece of the Ngorongoro Conservation area, are where they relax from around January to February. And give birth to their young. In a month around 500,000 calves get born, increasing the already vast herd.

  • Cheetahs, lions, and hyenas all crease to grab on the helpless young wildebeest. And all have diverse hunting techniques.
  • You can watch lioness bending down low in the golden grasses, border closer near the herd before springing into a charge. The huge no. of hyenas brutally drag a wildebeest to the ground together.
  • In calving season in the Serengeti Migration Safari is a time of sensitive tensions, when the life cycle can be observed in all its awful beauty.

When To See The Wildebeest Migration

The Great Migration takes all around the year for a complete single cycle. You can able to see the mega-herds throughout the year in terms of Best Time for Safari in Tanzania. But because the animals cover huge reserves, certain highlights only occurs in specific months:

Calving (Birthing) Season can watch out from February to March in Southern Serengeti. The Rutting (Breeding) Season can clearly get captured by April – May within Western & Central Serengeti.

Grumeti River Crossings takes place at the time of May to June with Central Serengeti. And spectacular Mara River Crossings get notify by July to August Northern Serengeti & Masai Mara. November to January wildebeests use to move on to Masai Mara & Northern Serengeti to Southern Serengeti.

Choose the Accommodations for Clear View of Wildebeest Migration

You have chosen the accommodation wisely by searching and enquiring with your tour operator. You should take any lodge or campsite, it is important to have a close accommodation to the way of wild beast migration. You can easily get it if you go accordingly to the time and the position of wildebeest in that period. There are certain things to notice while choosing the time and accommodation for Tanzania Safari Tours.

  • Set locations to experience the Migration year-round
  • An elegant, contemporary take on a classic tented camp
  • Camps should be friendly with family, friends, and honeymoon couples
  • Choosing a Mobile (moveable) camp will be a wise decision
  • Complimentary use of binoculars for the duration of your stay

If you really wondering to enjoy the biggest wildlife showcase.  It will better to have accommodation near to Mara River. Or the lodges or camps are just in between the Serengeti National Park. Choosing the right accommodation will help you to easily drive for watching Wildebeests.

The Great Migration is a whole year journey and the general Mara river crossings cannot be foretold. Sometimes the wildebeests stay put for a couple of weeks, other times they cross four intervals in one day! Choose from a variety of especially well-appointed rooms, suites, and lodges that are packed with every individual comfort imaginable. For more information about heading for wildebeest migration connect with us now @Lifetime Safaris

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