Serengeti Budget Camping Safaris: Is A Serengeti Safari Actually Worth The Money?

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Will, it expensive to book a guided Serengeti Safari, complete with a glamming tent and swimming pool, or vehicles?

A Serengeti National Park in Tanzania Safari Tours tops the bucket list of many tourists. As a violently independent and budget-minded traveler, sometimes luxury and budget pull you off the idea of safari. You can book an expensive guided safari, complete with a glamming tent and swimming pool, choice vehicle.

Is Your Tanzania Safari Worth To Money?

Obviously “yes”. So those who are wondering for safari comes away with a glowing review, you know it means something. The no. of wild species is vast and more majestic than you have ever imagined. You will see more of them predict at a closer range. And even when no animals were around, the wide-open views, endless golden grass, and big sky of the Serengeti Safari were a joy to take in.

Serengeti Safari Location

It must find economical game drives in smaller parks in east and southern Africa. But if you are wondering about the classic bigger parks and your budget is small.  There will be completely different experiences.

  • You can simply locate a handful of impressive animals in these smaller parks in Tanzania.
  • If want to have a sight of the famous “Big Five” animals up close is a priority for you. Then spring for the well-known safari destinations like Serengeti national park.

How To Choose An Affordable Serengeti Safari?

You can create an experience at Serengeti Budget Camping Safari. By making sure you spend money only on the things that count. You can freely consult with Lifetime Safaris operator with your needs and can modify your safari look for in a budget safari. And make sure you maximize the value of your money.

Skilled Guide And Driver Needs For Best Use Of Time

Spotting the Big Five up close needs plenty of time and luck. If either in a short time, a skilled guide and driver can help make the best use of your chances of excellent detections.

Experienced Tanzania Safari Guide became closely clear once you started. The driver knows that lions hang out on confident rocks at certain times of the day. Excellent awareness about when to go where. They will communicate with other drivers in the park to keep track of possible sighting places.

Overall, it is the biggest distinctive factor of a guided safari over a self-drive trip, and the major cause you believe a guide is worth the expense in Tanzania Safari Experience.

Time Duration You Can Spend On a Tanzania Budget Safari

Ensure good detections if you don’t permit enough time for your Safaris Tanzania. The animals aren’t on a timetable. So a convinced amount of waiting and driving around is essential. But of course, the long drive has the higher the cost.

Even if you’re observing for the most reasonable Tanzania Budget Safari, you can go with at least three days. Less than that you may be left sense like you expended a lot of money but still didn’t get what you are looking for from the Tanzania Safari.

Tanzania Safari Vehicle

While a committed safari vehicle should be the average for any trustworthy company. You definitely catch a vehicle that’s exactly designed for game drives, which in Tanzania is typically a

  • 4×4 with a pop-up roof.
  • open-sided vehicles

Especially on tours that don’t include a long drive from outside the park is a wise decision.

Small-Group Size

For Budget Safari, you must have switched to group safari. At least around 4 will be perfect, and comfortable in the safari car. With many of everyone to move around and have a good view. Six people will also be okay, but any more maybe lead to a lower quality experience.


If you’re looking for the best Budget Safari Tanzania, the luxury accommodations are not a top import for you. It’s surely possible to spend a lot of money on fancy lodges with excellent cuisine, but obviously, that’s what you’re not looking for.

Wanting to maximize the value of the safari part of your cheapest accommodation you can find while still booking a good guide in a foremost safari destination which is tent camping.

The Serengeti Budget Camping Safari includes sleeping in no-frills tents provided by the safari operators in designated camps, meals in a mess tent.

The majestic faunas of the Tanzania Safari Experience, seen up close in their wild habitat, take my breath away. While the cost per day may seem high to a budget traveler, but you get for the price is impossible to get any other way. You can follow the Best Budget Safari Tanzania

Serengeti Safari will worth the money. And how fellow budget-minded itinerants can get the best value when booking their own Tanzania Holidays in the Serengeti we can explain @ Lifetime Safaris

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