Serengeti National Park - The Emerald Of Tanzania

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Serengeti National Park

Have you ever seen Greenland In Tanzania? Want to experience the breath-taking and equally mesmerizing emerald beauty of Serengeti National Park? Take a break from your regular monotonous life and enjoy the greatest spectacle of nature. Allow yourself to be engulfed by the luscious green landscapes of Serengeti National Park accessorized with colorful flowers bloom, add some Stormy clouds for a dramatic view. And voila! Enter the world where the show is run by Mother Nature and explore Tanzania Safari Tours.

Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is one of those rare destinations as it allows visitors to enter a truly wild landscape. The unparalleled and astounding sights and sounds during Tanzania Safari Tours will take you back to the era of humanity’s earliest ancestors.

“No matter how few possessions you own or how little money you have, loving wildlife and nature will make you rich beyond measure.”

In this tech-savvy era, a Serengeti Safari will engross your senses. Get a chance to witness nature and wildlife in the most basic and pure form. Witness the circle of life plays out right before your eyes; discover a much deeper connection to the natural world.

Top Attractions In Serengeti National Park

Seronera River Valley

This vast valley occupies a large portion of Central Serengeti and teems with wildlife. You can spot elephants, zebras, wildebeests, gazelles, giraffes, and many other species on any given day. Furthermore, Senonera River Valley is the ideal place to visit to get glimpses of elusive leopards of the park.

Lobo Valley

This picturesque valley is situated in the northern region of Serengeti National Park.  The Lobo Valley, along with the Senonera Valley, is one of the only places in the Serengeti where all three big cats – lions, leopards, and cheetahs roam freely. You will also see elephants, baboons, and giraffes on a regular basis here. Plus from July through November, millions of gazelles, wildebeest, and zebras make their way to the area during The Great Migration.

Naabi Hill

Naabi Hill serves as the main entrance to the Serengeti National Park.  As it is situated by the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Eastern Serengeti. The view from here is truly exquisite. Take a walk, stretch your legs after a long drive enjoys the most stunning views of the Serengeti. The hill covered in acacia is also the home base for majestic lions and millions of gazelles, zebras, and wildebeest.

Bologonja Springs

This is another major attraction in the Serengeti’s north-eastern area near the border of Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya. Bologonja Springs offers refreshing waters and superb canopies that attract different animals. Get a chance to up close and personal with many larger mammals like giraffes and elephants as well as rare antelope species, such as the mountain reedbuck, the steenbok, and many exotic birds.

Best Time And Duration To Visit Serengeti National Park

Best Time And Duration To Visit Serengeti National Park

  • The Serengeti National Park majorly experiences two seasons. The dry season lasts from June to October and Wet season from November to May.
  • Late June to October is the Best Time To Visit Serengeti National Park Safari to get the best experience in wildlife and spectacular wildebeest migration.
  • As the timing of the migration varies from year to year, your best chance of seeing it is during June and July.
  • January to February is the ideal season as the wildebeest calving occurs during this period.

You should make plans to have three or four days to spend on Serengeti National Park Tours and go on safari. If you are into photography, you should stay a little longer to further make sure that you capture all that the park has to offer and get amazing photos. Your Tanzania Safari Guide will help you plan your entire itinerary carefully.

Serengeti Green Season Safari To Find Emerald Beauty

Serengeti Green Season Safari

The green season of Serengeti National Park Safari starts from November/December to May – typically when the short rains start until the end of the long rains.

This spectacle draws thousands of visitors from across the world, and sometimes there are so many people you can feel like one of the millions of wildebeest in the herd!

However, once the herds have passed on and the dust settles, this area becomes a haven for those looking for an exclusive Serengeti safari experience.

The sight of herds giving birth in these open plains is nothing short of marvelous. Do you know who else likes to stay close to the huge herds? Yes! The Big Cats. Because of birthing and the ease of food for the big cats, dramatic scenes of hunts are possible. Imagine cheetahs showing off their full-throttle speed bringing down an adult wildebeest or lionesses working together to tackle a zebra. After all, Calves are easy prey. Witness nature at its most basic and pure form.

Serengeti National Park never fails to take your breath away. As the excitement never stops, as the adrenaline never slows, Serengeti National Park Safari; a wonderful adventure awaits. So what are you waiting for?  You can get all the necessary information through Tanzania Travel Guide. Contact Lifetime Safaris to explore Serengeti in the Green Season!

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