20 Best Places To Stay While Going For Wildebeest Migration

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Every year, about 2 million animals take on a death-defying, 3 000-km (1 900-mi) odyssey in search of sustenance. This epic natural phenomenon known as the Great Wildebeest Migration is as old as the land itself. The enchantment of this greatest show on earth has been pulling thousands of tourists to Tanzania Safari Tours every year.

The wildebeest migration is truly Mother Nature’s greatest spectacles on earth. Witnessing one of the famous river crossings is better than watching any National Geographic film. It is a never-ending cycle that’s been going on since the beginning of life. And as they say, nature takes its own course according to its specific schedule. Which makes predicting its movement that much trickier.

With the Wildebeest Migration, timing is everything. You have to be in the right place at the right time. That’s where Lifetime Safaris come in. With over 20 years of experience under our belt, our tailor-made trips to the Serengeti and Masai Mara had appeased thousands of travelers with satisfying Great Migration sightings at any given point in time.

To help you successfully witness the greatest spectacle on earth, we’ve rounded up 20 Of Our Best Places To Stay To See The Wildebeest Migration.

Best Time To See The Wildebeest Migration

The Great Wildebeest Migration is a spectacular natural phenomenon that takes place on a never-ending annual cycle. That means you get to see the mega-herds throughout the year. But certain highlights can only be seen in specific months. So based on that we have listed down all Tanzania Accommodations in 3 categories to give your best chance to witness the Wildebeest Migration.

Best Year-Round Places To Stay To See The Wildebeest Migration

Serengeti Under Canvas

The intimate setting of Serengeti Under Canvas with only nine tents in private campsites offers breath-taking wilderness settings. The mobile camp moves five times a year to track the movements of the Wildebeest Migration.

Top Attractions

  • Mobile camp allows you to be as close as possible to the wildebeest action.
  • Ultimate luxury camping experience with your very own private butler, silverware and not to mention elegant décor.
  • Best game viewing opportunities daily.
  • Complimentary Swarovski binoculars for the entire duration of your stay

Kichakani Serengeti Camp

In Swahili, Kichakani means ‘in the bush’. As the name suggests this luxury mobile camp gives you an earthy feeling with its unique combination of contemporary and modern vintage. Located in both southern and northern Serengeti, Kichakani’s moveable nature allows you to follow the Wildebeest Migration across the Serengeti without any fuss.

Top Attractions

  • Awesome establishments in the two prime locations for the best chance of witnessing the Migration all year-round
  • A refreshingly elegant and contemporary take on a classic tented camp
  • Enjoy breath-taking landscapes from both sides of the mess tents.
  • Morning and afternoon game drives with our expert Tanzania Safari Guide.

Best Tanzania Accommodation To See The Grumeti River Crossings; May To October

Singita Faru Faru Lodge

Set alongside the Grumeti River in their own private game reserve, Singita Faru Faru is magnificence personified.  It offers splendid views over the river with the best luxury and comfort. Just stand in front of the window and enjoy panoramic vistas without leaving the comfort of your bed. Spot as many wildlife to your heart’s content on the never-ending plains with our Swarovski telescopes.

Top Attractions

  • Prime location to see the wildebeest crossings
  • Enjoy our luxurious spa and two swimming pools.
  • Ideal for Tanzania Family Safari with added Babysitting services and tailor-made Tanzania Safari Activities.
  • Best in class contemporary décor and design.
  • Complimentary watercolors and pencils, should you feel inspired to paint or sketch.

Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp

Set on the banks of a tributary of the Grumeti River, this Tanzania Accommodation is on the best spot to locate Wildebeest Migration’s river crossings between May and July. The safari-chic tents come with private verandas and frontage to the river. The river pools are the favorite playing spots of hippos.

Top Attractions

  • Enjoy hippo pods playing in seasonal pools in front of your tent.
  • Big lion prides and hyena clans sighting on game drives.
  • Serengeti Hot-Air Balloon Safari providing a bird’s-eye view of the mega-herds.

Sayari Camp

Situated in the northern Serengeti this luxury camp, is in the prime spot to witness the Wildebeest Migration’s rip-roaring crossings over the crocodile-infested Mara River. Plus, the views from the camp are exquisite. You might even spot an elephant or two amblings while soaking in the rim-flow pool.

Top Attractions

  • Prime location to see Wildebeest Migration in the dramatic Mara River crossings
  • Enjoy spacious tents and luxurious en suite bathrooms
  • The first of its kind in the bush- Solar-powered micro-brewery producing unique beers and sparkling water
  • Comes with specially modified photography vehicles.

Kuria Hills Lodge

This Tanzania Accommodation is located within the remote Woga Kuria Hills, northern Serengeti. With its contemporary design, Kuria Hills Lodge is known for its awesome elegant ambiance. Enjoy some of the best scenery of open woodland and tree-lined streams which are the wildlife hotspots throughout the year. As the Kuria Hills Lodge is situated in close proximity to the Mara River, it serves as a center stage for the Wildebeest Migration’s perilous river crossings.

Top Attractions

  • Panoramic views from glass-fronted tented suites
  • Enjoy private plunge pools
  • Best location to witness Wildebeest Migration crossings the Mara River.

Lamai Serengeti Camp

The view from Lamai Serengeti Camp is simply jaw-dropping. Gazing over the Serengeti plains from your elevated position will be the highlight of your Tanzania Safari Tours. Set high up in the beautiful Kogakuria Kopjes, this elegant Tanzania Accommodation offers prime comfort and convenience while preserving an eco-friendly ethos.

Top Attractions

  • Elevated camp with jaw-dropping views over the Serengeti National Park.
  • Prime location to spot wildebeest crossing at the Mara River.
  • Year-round sightings of lion, leopard, and buffalo.
  • Bush Walks through river lines, small valleys, and rocky outcrops.

Mara River Tented Camp

Mara River Tented Camp is the epitome of sustainable tourism. Relying solely on a custom-built solar system for power, this camp conserves energy and eliminates non-biodegradable materials. Moreover, because of its close proximity to the Serengeti’s Lamai Triangle, this Tanzania accommodation not only offers year-round excellent game drives throughout the year but also gives you a front-row seat for the Wildebeest Migration’s river crossings spectacle.

Top Attractions

  • Unparalleled viewing of the wildebeest river crossings
  • Tanzania Safari Activities specially customized for kids like learning how to track animals, astronomy, and bush survival techniques.
  • Sizeable wine cellar
  • Year-round sightings of big cats and elephant in the area

Serengeti Bushtops

This Tanzania Accommodation is the ideal base for a rewarding Serengeti Migration Safari. This luxury camp is a 5-star oasis to return after watching thousands of wildebeest thunder across the Mara River. Soak away the dust in your private hot tub leisurely enjoying the setting sun paint the African sky hues of amber. A world-class experience further complemented by Bushtops’ glorious cuisine, superb wines, and attentive service.

Top Attractions

  • One of the very few permanent camps in the region of the northern Serengeti area.
  • Ideally situated near the Mara River.
  • Roomy tents with large private decks.
  • Full-day safari excursions accompanied by Tanzania Safari Guides, trackers, and bush lunches.

Sanctuary Olonana

This gorgeous safari lodge depicts an excellent combination of time-tested Maasai building practices like mudding and stone walls with contemporary architecture. In addition to adding warmth and character to the property, it also makes Sanctuary Olonana one of Africa’s leading eco-lodges. With incredibly spacious and beautifully decorated hand-crafted Maasai spears, Edison-bulb pendant lights, and patterned prints; the suits are simply out of this world. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling glass doors opening out from the lounge to the terrace with superb river frontage offers a front-row seat to the daily hippo soap opera.

Top Attractions

  • Best in a class lodge set on a private stretch of the Mara River
  • Authentically designed suites with floor-to-ceiling glass doors opening to river frontage.
  • Tanzania Cultural Safari tours to local Maasai village

Angama Mara

Towering high above the floor of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, this remarkable owner-run safari lodge enjoys sweeping views of the Masai Mara’s champagne-colored plains. Romance like Robert Redford and Meryl Streep on the rocky crest of the famous Out of Africa kopje.

Top Attractions

  • Perfectly located on the edge of the Oloololo Escarpment, high above the Masai Mara
  • Has its own private road directly into the reserve
  • Treat your palate with exquisite meals prepared from the shamba (kitchen garden)
  • Romantic picnics in the exact spot featured on the poster- create your very own Out of Africa moment.

Rekero Camp

Rekero Camp is in the best spot next to a main crossing point of the wildebeest to ford the Talek River every year. Meaning you can witness the great wildebeest Migration from the comfort of your riverside tent brings, taking the meaning of ‘armchair safari ‘to a whole new level. Plus the game drives at Rekero are equally rewarding. This area is famous for its high concentration of lions, cheetahs, leopards, and elephants.

Top Attractions

  • Watch wildebeest crossing the Talek River from the comfort of your camp.
  • Spot lion, cheetah, and elephant on game drives
  • Specially customized photography vehicles

Mahali Mzuri

The Mahali Mzuri is a luxury tented camp set in a private conservancy near the Masai Mara National Reserve. Working with the local Maasai tribes, Mahali Mzuri is cleverly designed to leave a minimal environmental footprint. Plus it is also strategically placed in such superb elevation that it not only offers great game viewing but also gives you glimpses of the conservancy’s alluring scenery.

Top Attractions

  • A private and isolated conservancy.
  • Contemporary tents with superb views.
  • Great game viewing opportunities.

Il Moran Camp

Hidden away on the forested banks of the Mara River, Il Moran offers a top-of-the-range safari experience. Visit this wonderfully tranquil retreat consisting of only 10 guest tents. Il Moran’s intimate and peaceful environment presents a fantastic option for couples or honeymooners.

Top Attractions

  • Intimate camp nestled in a riverine forest
  • Enjoy the antics of hippos drama from your dining deck.
  • Close to the hot-air balloon safaris lunch site.
  • Specially customized photography safari vehicles

Naboisho Camp

Naboisho is perfect for you if you’re looking for a serene safari experience away from the Masai Mara National Reserve’s tourist crowds. Plus it is conveniently close to the Masai Mara National Reserve. So you can witness the Wildebeest Migration’s spectacle pretty easily. Besides, Naboisho offers incredible game viewing right on its doorstep too.

Top Attractions

  • Spot cheetah, lion, elephant, and giraffe.
  • Enjoy special activities as bush walks, off-road game drives, night drives.
  • Situated in a private conservancy, home to one of the world’s highest concentrations of lion
  • Fantastic cheetah sightings during game drives
  • Specially customized photography vehicles
  • Exclusive fly-camping excursions in a remote part of the conservancy

Best Tanzania Accommodation During Calving Season; From January To March

Four Seasons Safari Lodge

The Four Seasons Safari Lodge is as close to a 5-star bush hotel you can get on your Tanzania Safari Holidays. It offers some of the most exceptionally well-appointed rooms, suites, and villas, packed with all the comfort and luxuries. You can look directly onto the animal watering hole next to the lodge from your balconies.

Top Attractions

  • Waterhole right next to the lodge which is the favorite spot of the elephants
  • Well-oiled spa and fitness center
  • Infinity pool with incredible views

Sanctuary Kusini

Kusini is the only permanent camp in the southern Serengeti. It is situated in the ripe area where the wildlife density is high throughout the year. In fact, the Sanctuary Kusini really comes into its own between January and March. This is the best Tanzania accommodation during the Great Migration’s calving season as it offers some of the most thrilling game viewing options in all of Tanzania Safari.

Top Attractions

  • Offers tranquillity and seclusion, hence perfect for Tanzania Honeymoon Safari.
  • It is the only Tanzania accommodation in the southern Serengeti
  • Breathtaking views and stargazing from adjoining kopjes (rocky outcrops)
  • Crowd favorite to see the wildebeest calving.
  • The prime location for wildlife sightings.

One Nature Nyaruswiga Camp

Located in the heart of the Serengeti, this ultra-luxe safari camp is famous for its scenic hills and boundless plains. Traversed by the Seronera River, this Tanzania accommodation offers a royalty-like experience of the Serengeti Migration safari.

Top Attractions

  • Beautiful ambiance with elegant décor.
  • Heated Jacuzzi
  • Immaculate setting in the heart of the Serengeti
  • Suitable for family and kids as well.

Namiri Plains

For about 20 years, this area was closed to tourists to allow the cheetah population to recover. Today, you can stay in this lovely sanctuary among these nimble cats thanks to the Namiri Plains. For this Tanzania Accommodation is a fantastic place to see the world’s fastest land animal chasing down its prey. The location, eastern Serengeti, is the permanent source of underground water. This means you can witness some of the best game viewings here.

Top Attractions

  • Hidden away from other campsites this place offers uninterrupted seclusion.
  • Best place for cheetah sightings
  • Great chance for leopard sightings on game drives
  • Romantic Walking safaris

Mwiba Lodge

Overlooking a rocky gorge on the Arugusinyai River, this sophisticated Tanzania accommodation is located in a private game reserve near the southern Serengeti. The reserve is dedicated to serving as a balance between wildlife and local communities. Mwiba is the perfect Tanzania accommodation if you’re looking for a tranquil and uncrowded Tanzania Safari Experience.

Top Attractions

  • Breathtaking sceneries among massive stone boulders and ancient trees
  • Infinity-edge pool overlooking three springs frequently visited by wildlife
  • Private safari vehicle and Tanzania Safari Guide
  • Tanzania Cultural Safari excursions to local villages.

At Lifetime Safaris, we’ve great arrangements for transport and domestic flights so you can move around with ease. Alternatively, stay in any of our exclusive selections of mobile camps. We have excellent Tanzania Safari Packages designed to move with the herd to three different locations in the Serengeti. As a result, you get to enjoy the migration from several different angles.

So book Lifetime Safaris and be a part of nature’s most magical yet paradoxical cycle of life; The Great Migration. 

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