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Tanzania Honeymoon Safari
Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

To spend the most romantic and unforgettable moment with your life partner, there is no better choice other than Tanzania Honeymoon Safari.

Located in East Africa, Tanzania is known for a large diversity of flora and fauna in its national parks and game reserves. The mysterious attractive sights, magnificent wildlife, dramatic landscapes, and exotic beaches make Tanzania Safari Tours most romantic and dynamic for couples as well as other travelers.


How To Spend Your Honeymoon In Tanzania

Tanzania is indubitably one of the very best destinations for an African Honeymoon. The Tanzania Destinations allow enjoying the candlelight dinner with your loved one amid natural reserves in your Tanzania Honeymoon Safari.

The Great Rift Valley, the stone town Zanzibar and Arusha national park offers to spend time with each other while walking in the middle path of green lush vegetation during Tanzania Safari Tours.

The hot air balloon ride is one of the best specifications of Tanzania Honeymoon Safaris which gives you the most spectacular scenic view while drifting over the magnificent landscape of savannah grassland. The most beautiful turquoise white Zanzibar beach offers precious moments to enjoy the honeymoon.


Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

With a unique combination of wildlife experiences, stunning scenery, the luxurious accommodations, and the beautiful beach, Tanzania Honeymoon Safari Packages are well known for offering the most pleasant and romantic experiences of a lifetime.

However, spending some days with each other in Zanzibar beaches is the popular choice for most of the honeymooners. The sightings of the beautiful sunset and African Big Five are the highlights of Ngorongoro Crater while the pride of lion and the great wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park are the most favorable for the Safari Tours Tanzania

For more pristine and highly concentrated wildlife with dense green vegetation, the Selous Game Reserve, in the south of Tanzania has no comparison.

Tanzania Honeymoon Safari & Zanzibar are correlated with each other as the crystal clear blue water and the white beaches of Zanzibar offer them the most romantic time to enjoy.

Zanzibar also offers unique experiences like spice tours, watching dolphins, and relaxing on the beach.


Things To Do For Honeymooners In Tanzania

There is nothing wilder than a honeymoon in an African wilderness – lions roaring at a distance, giraffes browsing the trees, zebras grazing at the savannas, and birds chirping in a beautiful melody. There are many more opportunities everywhere you turn.

Tanzania Game Drives
Tanzania Game Drives

Enjoy the game drives in the vast Serengeti area and Ngorongoro crater. You can spot African Big Five- Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Leopards, and buffalo. Explore the wildlife and take photos to keep your best memory in life forever.

Tanzania Guided Walks
Tanzania Guided Walks

Walk and enjoy the company of each other among the superb nature and stunning wildlife of national parks and reserves. You can enjoy the walk at Ruaha National Park, Great Rift Valley, Serengeti National Park, Nyerere National Park, and others.

Romantic Bush Dinners
Tanzania Romantic Bush Dinners

Enjoy the romantic dinner with your loved one in the bush of Tanzania with the glazing lantern light. The bush dinners in Serengeti National Park or Nyerere National Park will give you a more exciting and romantic experience than normal dating in city life. There is also a bottle of champagne to make it more enjoyable.

Private Dining
Private Dining

Having dinner with your life partner, with accustomed set up under the stars of open sky and among the breathtaking wilderness is the major point of attraction of the private dining in the national park.

Bush Breakfasts
Tanzania Bush Breakfasts

A romantic bush breakfast is the first choice for all honeymooners after waking up with their life partner. With an amazing table with fine design among the fresh African bloom and a scenic view, you will love to make your romantic day to start on.

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Rides In Serengeti
6.	Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Rides In Serengeti

The sunrays touching the magnificent never-ending Savannah grassland of Serengeti make it more charming. Watching the most beautiful scenic view with your loved one by drifting over the vast Serengeti area is the most beautiful unforgettable memory for you.


Tanzania Honeymoon Destinations

Tanzania offers an excellent mix of diverse landscapes, amazing wildlife viewing opportunities, and other thrilling outdoor activities, like hot air balloon rides, bush picnics, and romantic nature walks.

Serengeti National Park

The park in the larger area of the Serengeti area offers game drives, exploring wildlife activities such as the family of lions with the little cute cubs. Serengeti, the oldest and largest ecosystem in the world also hosts the largest natural game show, otherwise known as, the Great Wildebeest Migration.

On Tanzania Honeymoon Safari, you will also get the chance for a hot air balloon ride from which you can explore the wildlife activities in the hidden part of the Serengeti area.

Ngorongoro Conservation Centre

Known as the largest crater in the world, the Ngorongoro crater is the home of more than 25000 animals. You can find the African Big Five, such as elephant, rhinoceros, lion, leopard and Cape buffalo. You will enjoy the sunset from your accommodation after the game drive. 


Best Lodges For A Tanzania Honeymoon Safari
Plantation Lodge

Plantation Lodge offers the most beautiful spacious rooms, immaculate gardens, a swimming pool, coffee plantation, and a working farm. It is located in the Karatu region which is a superb base to explore the Ngorongoro Crater.

Entamanu Ngorongoro

It is a six-tented camp that is run by Nomad Tanzania and located on a beautiful location fabulous on the famous Crater rim. This camp is known as the perfect place to get the authenticity of wildlife, for honeymooners.

Serian Camps

Located in the Serengeti area, Serian camps are the best place to observe the national park’s wildlife and are ideal for an adventurous honeymoon.

Lamai Serengeti

Positioned on the top of a Kopje, Lamai Serengeti has luxurious rooms and also offers uninterrupted views over the sprawling plains.

Ikuka Safari Camp

Located top of Mwagusi escarpment of Ruaha National Park offers amazing views and comprises of six deluxe rooms with private veranda, and also a wonderful swimming pool.

Sand Rivers Camp

Sand River Camp was set up by well-known guide Richard Bonham and the best accommodation in Nyerere National Park. This camp offers well-designed guest suites and spectacular vistas over the Rufiji River.

Boutique Hotel Matlai

Located on the south-east coast of Zanzibar, Matlai offers the most beautiful rooms, delicious food and drink, and luxurious accommodations like a swimming pool with other services.


When To Go On A Tanzania Safari And Beach Honeymoon

According to Tanzania Honeymoon Safari Reviews, July to September is the best time for both Tanzania Safari and getting exciting moments on Zanzibar beach in Tanzania Honeymoon Safari.


Which Is The Best Time For Tanzania Honeymoon Safari?

The dry season from June to October is the Best Time for Tanzania Honeymoon Safari.

What Kind Of Accommodation You Will Get In Tanzania Honeymoon Safari?

As the honeymoon safari comes under the luxurious safaris, you will get the best accommodation in Luxury Safari Tanzania.

What You Will Get The Best In Tanzania Honeymoon Safari?

Apart from Zanzibar beach and wildlife, you will receive a warm welcome from the local people by singing traditional songs and also can dress in Masai fashion. You will be blessed by a Masai elder, and participate in a celebration of dance, music, and food when the ceremony is done. Add these destinations on your Tanzania Honeymoon Safari Packages and make the most of your safaris.


We have prepared and well-designed itineraries by our experts to make your honeymoon the most beautiful and romantic memory in a lifetime.

The scenic beauty, megafauna, and other appealing natural features have been the main tourist attractions for those seeking indulgence in the fun, food, frolic exotica, and leisure activities. Customize your Tanzania Honeymoon Itinerary with Lifetime Safaris which now offers wedding and honeymoon destination safaris, for the range of options it offers.

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