Can You Still Enjoy Tanzania Safari Tours During Wet Season?

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As the country situated very nearer to the equator, Tanzania experiences wet and dry seasons rather than the usual four seasons. During April, May, and November every year, the skies turn dark, the savannah blooms green, and the course of the road with mud. Tanzania Safari Tours throughout the rainy season does not consider as Best Time For Safari In Tanzania. But the Shades of Africa team has a few behaviors to ensure you can experience Tanzania beauty all year round.

Climate During Rainy Season


The long rainy season generally extends from March to late May, which seems heavy rainstorms and high humidity even at noon. At this period of the year, temperatures incline to exceed 30 degrees Celsius. The short wet season typically twitches sometimes at the end of October up to December. This passé have lighter, less dependable rains, which slowly cover way for the beginning of the hottest phase of the year with temperatures working as high as 40 degrees Celsius.

Challenges Of A Rainy Season During Tanzania Safari Tours

Challenges Of A Rainy Season Safari

Apparently, having Tanzania Safari Tours throughout the rainy season isn’t quite as upright as going in the course of the dry season.

Though the rain is not continuous, simply it does lead to muddy roads that can cause interruptions in travel. The extra rain also developed taller grass for wildlife to hide in. And food for herbivores. This season of the year you will likely be flapping away mosquitos and flies. With all of that being said, why you will plan Tanzania Holidays during the rainy season?

There are 2 major reasons for Safaris Tanzania.  1st one is cost-effective Tanzania Safari Packages and a greener, more vibrant safari.

Low Season Implies Low Prices

What is the best part? Low season leads to low prices on luxury lodges!

The yearly rainy season gets luxury lodges lowering their prices to equivalent or flat less than medium tented camps. Making it a countless time to experience once in a lifetime things such as the Four Seasons.

National Parks Which Offer The Contrast Wild Life With In The Grass 


A week is enough to have a safari drive as the crowd is very less at this time. You can have more comfort and more time schedule for a greater experience. Some Tanzania Destinations offer a spectacular vision.

Arrive At Arusha

By arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport, The tour demonstrative outside ready to receive you at the hotel or resort for dinner and overnight. Relish beautiful Environs and sights, see few faunas around the area like antelopes. If the climate allows, in the morning you will be able to see Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park is well known for wild dogs. It will treat to amazing highlights in Ruaha during the wet season. The lush shrubbery gives stunning backdrops for the camera. Ruaha’s wet period is the best period for bird viewing. You will be gifted to see the different bird species, both indigenous and migratory.

Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara National Park proposes memorable familiarity to tourists. You will see the Rift Valley, Manyara Lake which appeals to flamingos, dense Forest, diverse species of monkeys, numbers of animals and if lucky you can see lions climbing the trees. Heading towards Manyara national park to Karatu Village for an overnight at Bougainvillea Lodge.

Southern Serengeti/Ngorongoro

Drive from Karatu to Southern Serengeti via Ngorongoro. At the lodge for lunch and overnight. You have 3nights to sightsee this wonderful National park. Full-day Game drive in Southern Serengeti. Southern Serengeti during Wet season:

  • Beautiful green scenery
  • Hidden Valley for a game drive.
  • More Cheetahs
  • Lake Masek
  • Carving
  • Migration

Serengeti National Park

Get out early in the morning for the Tanzania Game Drive. It is famed for the Great Migration of wildebeest which happens continually in the Serengeti. While you will be in the right place at the time to hook a glimpse of this wondrous show. Apart from it, you can have a sight of numbers of herbivores grazing in the field, cheetahs, etc. By returning around 11:00 AM and enjoy your brunch. At 15:30 you have a game drive towards Southern Serengeti and homecoming to the lodge overnight.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Early morning safari from Southern Serengeti to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. If you want then relish the full-day game drive down the crater. Have a wonderful time there. This is really one of the great times to visit particularly if you want to see birds. Even still animals will frequently be spread out through the area during the rainy season, you will still be able to view a few of them on your game drives and nature walks. Plus, the vast thick green vegetation makes for some pretty remarkable photo occasions.

  • While the roads may be muddy and the tall grass can occasionally make it harder to spot a prowling lion, it is still possible to have an unforgettable green season safari.
  • In fact, parks such as Lake Manyara National Park are really at their finest throughout the rainy season. The extra rainfall captivates hippos, crocodiles, and more to drink at the lake’s edge, creating it cooler than ever to locate animals.

Seriously, if you are watching to live out your Tanzania Safari Tours without breaking the bank, a safari during the rainy season is a great way to make it happen. The thing that you will get is the greenery all around. No more golden grass. And many more animals coming out for grazing as well as hunting. If you are thinking about the Tanzania Travel Guide, we are here to give a detailed glance @ Lifetime Safaris

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